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Pamesa Luni BlancoGreat Offers Brought To You By Cosmo Tiles Every Week!

This week is no exception, two new ranges we have introduced this year our Pamesa Luni Blanco range and our Geotiles Intra-Range have 10% Off great offers this week only.

Geotiles Intra and Pamesa Luni Blanco are both 60×60 large format tiles, they are made from glazed porcelain with a polished surface. When you use any of these tiles in your home your room will be transformed.

Where can I use Geotiles Intra and Pamesa Luni Blanco ?Geotiles Intra Blanco

Can I use both of them in my bathroom? 

Geotiles Intra and Pamesa Luni Blanco can be used in every room in your home because they’re porcelain they can be used on both your walls and floors. These tiles would look stunning used on your bathroom walls and floor, their larger size would open your room out and create space. Both of the ranges offer a luxury polished stone appeal which would never date and always look good.

What about my kitchen? 

Geotiles Intra and Pamesa Luni Blanco look stunning when used on your kitchen floor. The large size of this tile works very well in large living, kitchen/dining areas of your home.They leave a sleek modern finish with all the opulence of a five-star hotel. The two great offers we have discussed have 10% Off an already very well priced tile, so you really are getting a bargain. If you have a large floor that needs to be tiled before Christmas, if you buy this week you’ll have a bit of money to put towards your Christmas shopping.

Does It Need Sealed?

Geotiles Intra Blanco and Pamesa Luni Blanco do not need to be sealed, you just buy them, fit them and enjoy them. They are made from good quality porcelain which is very robust and will last for many years.

Keep your eyes on our site for great offers coming to you from Cosmo Tiles every week. If you need any help with a tiling project, contact us at Cosmo Tiles website live chat. Or at one of our showrooms in  Glasgow 0141 420 1122 or Greenock 01475 78 7874 .

Wet Room the right choice for your home?

Before you venture on a new bathroom project there are some things that are worth considering. Are you going to renovate your bathroom by renewing your existing bathroom sanitary ware and adding new tiles ? Or are you going to create a sanctuary spa retreat, that you will enjoy bathing in for many years to come ?

What is the difference between a bathroom renovation and a wet room?

When you carry out a general bathroom renovation, you replace your existing sanitary ware with new more modern ones, choosing nice taps to compliment the bathroom furniture you have chosen. However, when you decide to put a wet room in, your greatest desire is to have a walk in shower room with no visible tray, all in one level that is tiled from top to bottom and has the look and feel of a luxury spa.wesi fancy shower

How do I achieve this in my home?

At Cosmo Tiles all our staff can give you the best advice on this matter, the product we stock and supply for this purpose is the Wedi system which is good quality. This system consists of a waterproof tray that is fitted underneath your existing floorboards it is then taped at the joints where the walls meet the floor to ensure a water tight seal. As well as the wedi shower tray, we also stock the Wedi tile backer boards, you can use them to line your whole room instead of using gyprock. It not only ensures your room is well insulated and water tight, it also allows you to increase the weight of tiles you can put on your wall quite considerably.Riolito-Shower-Pan-1

There are many aesthetic things to consider, as there are different choices of drain you can use with the Wedi system .You can have a drain which sits in either the centre or corner of your tray, or you can have a linear drain which disappears into your wall and has a very discreet appearance in your room.The wedi system is so versatile you can create your own bespoke pieces for your bathroom, custom made shelves, basins, baths etc, . the possibilities are endless. If you are interested in using a Wedi  System call our staff for advice on Tel 0141 420 1122.

What about tiles?

Alfalux-Stone-Prints-Grigio-30x30cm-Sheet-of-Mosaic-5x5-_LAt Cosmo tiles we have an excellent selection of bathroom tiles for you to use in your wet room, we have a wide selection of tiles that come with matching mosaics suitable for use on a wet room shower floor. Most of the ranges that come with matching mosaics are porcelain tiles making them suitable for both the walls and the floors in your home. Two ranges that I would recommend you look at, would be our Novabell Milano range it is a lovely natural procelain tile range that comes with matching mosaics.The plain tiles in this range come in 10x30cm, 30x60cm and in 30x30cm mosaic sheets. The second range I would recommend would be Alfalux stone prints  this comes in a slightly textured porcelain and this range offers you a matching mosaic tile, the plain tile comes in 30x60cm with the matching mosaic sheet coming in 30x30cm. If you are going to install a wet room in your home and have any specific requirements i.e. you may require a tile with a good anti slip finish, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for assistance as they would be more than happy to help.



Special Signo Soul Offer!

Great offer for this week, we are taking 10% off all our Signo Soul tile range.

signo soul blancoWhere Can I use Signo Soul?

Signo Soul Wall tile is a ceramic tile and can be used on any wall in your home, this range has proved very popular for use in bathrooms with our customers, the wall tile comes in size 25x40cm. With 10% off you really have nothing to loose. Signo soul wall tile comes in three colours Blanco (white), Gris (Grey), Crema (Cream). They look nice and natural once fixed to your wall.

As well as using Signo Soul in a bathroom, it could set off a kitchen splashback offering something neutral and being a larger tile it would help create space in the kitchen.

Signo Soul Crema FloorWhat can I Use On My Floor?

To save you tearing your hair out looking for a floor tile, we can offer you a matching Signo Soul floor tile. Signo Soul floor tiles are made from glazed porcelain and are suitable to use as a matching bathroom floor tile because they are made from porcelain it would also work well on your kitchen floor.This floor tile comes in size 41x41cm and is available in Blanco, Gris, and Crema to match your wall tiles.

What could I Use as a feature?Montana Antracite

Sometimes when you use the same tile on the wall and floor, you need something to break it up. The trend now instead of borders and panels is more about feature walls. Our Montana Tile Range compliments the Signo soul range comes in Grey, Beige, and Mix. So there is a Montana tile to match any colour of the Signo Soul Range.

Tiles have great promotions on our website every week, if Signo Soul is not a range you’re interested in then keep your eyes on our site for a promotion to suit you.

Cifre Solid & District Tiles.

Great Offer Coming Up !solid mix white

Our great new Ranges Cifre Solid and Disrtict are on offer to you next week, both ranges have 10%Off.

This Offer Starts On Monday the 03.10.16 and Ends 9.10.16 at Midnight.

Cifre Solid Range

So if you are thinking of tiling your bathroom, this week is a good time to buy tiles. Cifre Solid and District ranges are very trendy, they are a cement look tile in stunning earthy muted  tones. This tile comes in 25x60cm, the Cifre Solid range is a ceramic wall tile, the plain tile comes in four colours white, ivory, Moka and plomb (Dark Grey). Cifre Solid also has a matching decor tile to compliment the plain tile. It is a pre-cut mosaic and comes in brown mix or Grey mix, when it is used in a shower or feature wall it really has the appearance of mosaic. One of the best things about this range it comes with matching floor tiles in all the shades available in the wall tiles, including the colours through the mosaic.

Cifre District plombCifre District Tiles

Cifre District tiles are the fabulous new ceramic floor tile range we have introduced this year. They are bang on trend as the glaze has been made to look slightly watermarked like wet cement, a look very popular with interior designers. This tile comes in four colours Ivory, Silver, Plomb (dark grey) and Brown in size 45x45cm. Cifre District  looks great when used  with the matching wall tiles, it also looks great on its own.

Both the Cifre Solid and District ranges are very reasonably priced, they certainly don’t look like a budget tile when fitted. They are bang on trend with the cement look they offer a sleek clean finish to your room.

Cosmo Tiles are bringing great offers to you every week, so if you’re not interested in the ranges we have discussed with you today. Keep your eyes on our site for great offers coming up


Metropol Trivor Tile Range

Cosmo Tiles has a great ceramic tile range Metropol Trivor. Metropol Trivor range comes in a 25x70cm ceramic wall tile, with the  matching Décor concept tile in 25x70cm. The Metropol Trivor floor tile is made from glazed porcelain and its size is 41x41cm. The great news this week until Sunday 18.9.6 at midnight, theres 10% Off across the full range on Cosmo Tiles website.  trivor gris

Metropol trivor Tile range has something new to offer you, the wall tiles are made of ceramic material, but they have the quality and look of a good porcelain tile, there has been a lot of care and thought put into this range and it shows in the finished product. Sometimes porcelain tiles are just not suitable for the project you are planning. Depending on the porcelain tile you choose, it may be to heavy for your walls, so your fitter may ask you to purchase only ceramic material. When you see the difference in appearance between the ceramic and porcelain tile ranges you might be unsure of what to buy. This range will not leave you disappointed, it has a natural appearance and the matching Décor has a bang on trend linear design with subtle colours and tones. This tile range is in stock and would add style to any room in your home.

Where can I use it?

Can I use it in a bathroom?

Metropol Trivor tile range can be used in any room in your home it is great in a bathroom and there are several style designs you could choose from. You could have the whole shower area in the decorative metropol trivor concept tile, and have the rest of the walls in the plain tile with the metropol trivor floor tile to finish the look. Currently in the Glasgow showroom we have displayed the plain tile with a decorative border of the trivor concept tile 3 tiles wide cutting through the middle in a broad band, as you can see in the image below. This offers you a different design from a centre panel or vertical borders that we have seen so much of in recent years.metropol trivor almond

Can I use it in my kitchen?

Metropol Trivor tile range is also suitable for use in your kitchen, the metropol trivor concept tile has proved to be very popular for use on kitchen splashbacks, as it tones with all the kitchens colours available on the market today.The metropol trivor floor tile range is the perfect choice to compliment your kitchen splashback, and as it is made from glazed porcelain it not only looks good but offers great durability for your floor.

So that’s another one of our new ranges we have introduced you to. If you like what you’ve read and would like to know more, you would be welcome in one of our showrooms in either Glasgow or Greenock or you may like to browse our Cosmo tiles website.

Bathroom Tiling Ideas

From Cosmo Tiles

If you are looking to tile your bathroom and don’t know where to start, Cosmo Tiles will help you,with great bathroom tiling ideas,from start to finish we can give you all the help and advice you need to get your project off to a good start.There are a few things to consider adhesives, grout colour choices and trims.Cosmo Tiles will help you take the stress out of buying tiles we have expert staff to assist you.

What can I use to tile my bathroom?

Whether you are looking for a gloss tile or a matt tile a large tile or a small tile we have something to satisfy every taste and style.

Ibero poeme visionThe first tile we think you might like as part of our bathroom tiling ideas is our Ibero range.This tile is a ceramic wall tile range Ibero Poeme it comes in 25x70cm and is suitable for use on your walls only.There is a lovely matching wave decor Ibero Harmonie you can use your décor tile in the same colour as the plain tile or you may choose to mix and match tiles with contrasting colours the choice is yours.

The second range that is new to Cosmo Tiles this year, and we would like to suggest as part Cifre solid grey mixof our bathroom tiling ideas feature is our Cifre Solid range.This range offers you a mat finish tile in size 25x60cm this range offers four different shades Ivory, Moka, White and Grey. There is also a matching Grey mix and Brown mix décor to compliment the plain tile you can create beautiful feature walls with this tile which would create a very modern and contemporary look. This range has matching floor tiles Cifre district range which comes in size 45x45cm  in colours Ivory, Brown, Silver and plomb (dark grey ) you have the whole room sorted in one range and at a great price.

We have so much to offer you for your home at Cosmo Tiles.This is just a couple of new ranges we are suggesting for you, we have thousands to offer you even if you have an idea of what you want you can come in and speak to us we will put something together for you .

If  you’re looking for tiles for any room in your home Cosmo Tiles has a range of tiles to suit any requirement, our staff are able to help with any technical questions you may have before embarking on your tiling project. Visit one of our showrooms in Glasgow Tel. 0141 420 1122 or Greenock 01475787874.

Wood Effect Tiles with 10% Off

At Cosmo Tiles we have great offers available, every week we run a 10% promotion on some of our ranges. This week we have taken 10% of all of our wood effect tiles, so if this is a look your interested in, this week is a good time to buy.

Wood Effect Tiles

trend tarima robleIf your looking for a wood effect tile that looks like floor boards our Tarima Roble or Alpina Meil tiles could be perfect for you. This tile is ceramic and can be used wall and floor, please be aware that if you are tiling an area in your home that has a lot of traffic a porcelain wood effect tile would be more suitable.


Hard Wearing Wood Effect Tiles

Pamesa Bosco Argent (Agt) (Mid Brown) 22x85cm Floor TileIf it’s a kitchen/Dining Room floor you are looking to tile in your home, then our Pamesa Bosco, Pamesa Atelier, Bayker fauborg, and Bayker Timber ranges would be more suitable. As they are porcelain they offer you a hard wearing tile that will last for years. Our Pamesa Bosco range is the best priced porcelain wood effect tile we stock it comes in plank size 22x85cm, it is available to you in five colours Cenere, Arena, Natura, Argent and Moka.

fauborg dark grey top tipsOur Bayker Timber and Fauborg ranges are a little more expensive because the wood grain through the tile is great . Bayker timber also comes in a smaller plank size 15x90cm and is available to you in five colours Brown, Gold, Grey, Black and white. This tile looks absolutely stunning when fitted it gives a real wood floor look to your room, and the great news about it, it doesn’t scratch or dent like a real wood floor would. Bayker Fauborg  offers you a different porcelain wood effect tile it comes in small planks 7x28cm, this range is great because of it’s size it is very versatile, laying these tiles in a Herringbone pattern will leave a stunning end result in your room. 

If it’s not a wood effect tile you are interested in then keep your eyes on our Cosmo Tiles Website for great offers coming up.

Where can I find tile ideas using Pamesa Bosco porcelain wood-effect floor tiles?

The answer of course is at Cosmo Tiles where we have a range of wood-effect tiles for your home. Including Pamesa Bosco 22x85cm porcelain wood-effect floor tiles.

Do the tiles really look like wood?

Wood-effect tiles are a very popular choice for your home, they are also suitable for use in commercial properties, they are hard wearing and have a good slip resistance and are easy to maintain and keep clean. If you want the fantastically realistic” look like wood”effect but you don’t want the hassle of looking after real wood, because it is prone to water damage and warping, then Pamesa Bosco could be the perfect choice for you. Pamesa Bosco is great for areas of high usage in your home because it is made of porcelain it offers far more durability than wood.


Pamesa Bosco Argent (Agt) (Mid Brown) 22x85cm Floor Tile

Can I use wood-look tiles in Kitchens or Bathrooms?

Our Pamesa Bosco tile is more than perfect for any room in your home. This tile range is suitable for any area where you want the wood-effect so you might want to consider it. Pamesa Bosco is totally versatile and looks great in hallways and dining rooms. Pamesa Bosco is a porcelain tile, which is also waterproof so equally well suited to a bathroom or shower room as they are to a hallway of any room in your home.

Pamesa Bosco Cenere (Cnr) (Grey) 22x85cm Floor Tile Setting

What colours do Pamesa Bosco 22x85cm porcelain wood-effect tiles come in?

These beautiful glazed porcelain tiles are available in four colours including Arena, Argent, Cenere, and Moka. They offer a R10 anti slip rating which means Pamesa Bosco is suitable for both Domestic use and commercial applications.


Pamesa Bosco Arena (Ar) (Cream) 22x85cm Floor Tile

Can I use underfloor heating with wood look tiles?

Whilst Pamesa Bosco tiles provide a very realistic alternative to wood that is where the similarity ends and new options open up. This tile is perfect if you would like to bring some luxury and warmth to your home with the addition of underfloor heating.

Arena (Ar) (Cream)  22x85cm Floor TilePamesa Bosco Arena (Ar) (Cream) 22x85cm Floor Tile

Moka (Mk)  (Dark Brown)  22x85cm Floor TilePamesa Bosco Moka (Mk) (Dark Brown) 22x85cm Floor Tile

Argent (Agt) (Mid Brown) 22x85cm Floor TilePamesa Bosco Argent (Agt) (Mid Brown) 22x85cm Floor Tile

Great news for this week only we have Pamesa Bosco on Offer with 10% Off Till Midnight 11.9.16


New Bayker Ranges

It’s that exciting time of year again when Cosmo Tiles receives it new ranges and this year we have loads of exciting new Bayker ranges to offer you. Cosmo Tiles is a UK leader in the tile industry and we pride ourselves in being able to offer you the latest in cutting edge tile design.We know you will love the new stock that we are bringing in this year we are so looking forward to sharing these tiles with you, we can hardly contain our excitement.

Bayker Stile whiteBayker Stile

The first of our new ranges is our Bayker Stile tile range this is a ceramic tile in size 10×30 and I think it gives it all away in the name. If you want to add style to any room in your home then stile could be the range for you. Bayker stile is available to you in three colours snow (white), smoke(Grey) and Onix (Black). Pictured to your right you can see the Bayker stile (snow white) used in a shower area and as you can see the end result is stunning.

Bayker Fauborg

Another new Bayker range we would like to share with you is our Bayker Fauborg range.ThisFauborg dark grey range is so exciting because it is offering something new to the porcelain wood effect tiles we have seen in recent years. As you can see from the photo opposite you can create beautiful parquet flooring designs like the herring bone one in the picture.The design possibilities for this tile are endless. Bayker Fauborg comes in four colours Blanc (light grey), Taupe (Dark Grey),Chene (Light Brown) and Brun (Dark Brown).

Bayker Timber

bayker timber greyThe last of our new ranges is our Bayker Timber tile Range this range offers you a quality porcelain wood effect tile for your home. As you can see from the photo to your left, Bayker Timber range gives you a very realistic impression of real wood. Bayker Timber is available to you in five colours Gold, Brown, Black, Grey and white. the size of this tile is 15x90cm. The colour in the picture to your left is Bayker Timber Grey.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about some of our new ranges.Cosmo Tiles have am extensive tile range available for you.If we can do anything to assist you. Comtact us at or Cosmo tiles website,                                                                                           alternatively visit one of our showrooms in Glasgow 0141 420 1122 or                                                                                        Greenock 01475 78 78 74.

To Tile Or Not To Tile.

What is so good about tiles?

Tiles are a great material to use in your home when you tile a floor you turn an ordinary home into a Luxury Contemporary living space, this offers you a light and airy space to live in.Tiles are hard wearing and last for many year’s unlike carpets .They are great when someone has allergies because they don’t collect dust and are easily maintained and kept clean.Tiles are relatively inexpensive if you look at price per SQ mtr and how long they are going to last in your home. Tiles give a real luxury appeal to any floor or wall space they are used on, that is, of course, assuming they are Cosmo Tiles.

fauborg dark grey top tipsWhere can you tile? Pamesa Provenza Nero

Traditionally people have thought of tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor steps only, but tiles have moved on so much further than that now.The way you now use tiles in your home is very different, you now have feature walls in your lounge and dining rooms. It is now a very common thing for you to tile large living and dining room floors. A perfect tile for this could be our Pamesa Provenza nero large format tile in 75x75cm.  Instead of the traditional cosy carpeted and curtained rooms you were brought up in, you now want open clean uncluttered spaces to live and chill out in. Tiles offer a great choice for this purpose depending on the look you want to create. Even if you are looking to create a softly furnished wood floor, we have several tile choices to offer you. Our Pamesa Bosco and Bayker Timber and Fauborg ranges would give you a floor that looked like wood but did not scratch and dent like wood because the tiles would be very hard wearing.You can tile just about anywhere in your home you just need to get the right help and advice for the job to go without a hitch. Cosmo Tiles have a friendly well-informed staff to help you with any project and help you with any technical queries you may have.bathroom tiles walls argento

Tiles For Indoor Outdoor.

You can create a lovely modern living space in your home/garden by using one of our porcelain feature tiles in your lounge wall and also a garden wall. This can create a really good natural organic feel to the lounge and garden as the tile looks like natural stone, you have at the end of the project a nice space to relax in that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. Our Bayker Walls could be perfect to create your feature wall it has everything we have described the nice natural stone look, in nice soft taupe and light grey Argento, you may choose to use one colour inside and the other in the garden.




Padana Slate BlackOur Padana slate tile would look great on your steps and maybe a feature wall, the black  or the grey would be nice and modern looking.Teamed with nice bright coloured garden tableware in fuchsia or lime green and you could have a winning formula. There are so many options for you, you can use the same tile on your kitchen floor as you do on your patio.Tiling really is very versatile and offers you a hygienic long lasting surface for many years.

If Cosmo tiles can assist you contact one of our showrooms in Glasgow Tel 0141 420 1122 or Greenock Tel 01475787874 or

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