Cifre Solid & District Tiles.

solid mix white


Cifre Solid Range

So if you are thinking of tiling your bathroom, this week is a good time to buy tiles. Cifre Solid and District ranges are very trendy, they are a cement look tile in stunning earthy tones. This tile comes in 25x60cm, the Cifre Solid range is a ceramic wall tile, the plain tile comes in four colours white, ivory, Moka and plomb (Dark Grey). Cifre Solid also has a matching decor tile to compliment the plain tile. It is a pre-cut mosaic and comes in brown mix or Grey mix when it is used in a shower or feature wall it really has the appearance of mosaic. One of the best things about this range is it comes with matching floor tiles in all the shades available in the wall tiles, including the colours through the mosaic.

Cifre District plombCifre District Tiles

Cifre District tiles are the fabulous new ceramic floor tile range we have introduced. They are bang on trend as the glaze has been made to look slightly watermarked like wet cement, a look very popular with interior designers. This tile comes in four colours Ivory, Silver, Plomb (dark grey) and Brown in size 45x45cm. Cifre District looks great when used with the matching wall tiles, it also looks great on its own.

Both the Cifre Solid and District ranges are very reasonably priced, they certainly don’t look like a budget tile when fitted. They are bang on trend with the cement look, they offer a sleek contemporary finish when used in a bathroom or kitchen.

Cosmo Tiles Have great ranges available in stock and available to take away the same day of purchase. We have well-informed showroom sales staff to offer advice to help you make your selection.

Visit our showrooms in Glasgow  0141 420 1122 or Greenock 01475787874 or visit


Wet Room the right choice for your home?

Before you venture on a new bathroom project, there are some things that are worth considering. Are you going to renovate your bathroom by renewing your existing bathroom sanitary ware and adding new tiles ? Or are you going to create a sanctuary spa retreat, that you will enjoy bathing in for many years to come ?

What is the difference between a bathroom renovation and a wet room?

When you carry out a general bathroom renovation, you replace your existing sanitary ware with new more modern ones, choosing nice taps to compliment the bathroom furniture you have chosen. However, when you decide to put a wet room in, your greatest desire is to have a walk in shower room with no visible tray, all in one level that is tiled from top to bottom and has the look and feel of a luxury spa.wesi fancy shower

How do I achieve this in my home?

At Cosmo Tiles all our staff can give you the best advice on this matter, the product we stock and supply for this purpose is the Wedi system which is good quality. This system consists of a waterproof tray that is fitted underneath your existing floorboards it is then taped at the joints where the walls meet the floor to ensure a water tight seal. As well as the wedi shower tray, we also stock the Wedi tile backer boards, you can use them to line your whole room instead of using gyprock. It not only ensures your room is well insulated and water tight, it also allows you to increase the weight of tiles you can put on your wall quite considerably.Riolito-Shower-Pan-1

There are many aesthetic things to consider, as there are different choices of drain you can use with the Wedi system .You can have a drain which sits in either the centre or corner of your tray, or you can have a linear drain which disappears into your wall and has a very discreet appearance in your room.The wedi system is so versatile you can create your own bespoke pieces for your bathroom, custom made shelves, basins, baths etc, . the possibilities are endless. If you are interested in using a Wedi  System call our staff for advice on Tel 0141 420 1122.

What about tiles?

Alfalux-Stone-Prints-Grigio-30x30cm-Sheet-of-Mosaic-5x5-_LAt Cosmo tiles we have an excellent selection of bathroom tiles for you to use in your wet room, we have a wide selection of tiles that come with matching mosaics suitable for use on a wet room shower floor. Most of the ranges that come with matching mosaics are porcelain tiles making them suitable for both the walls and the floors in your home. Two ranges that I would recommend you look at, would be our Novabell Milano range it is a lovely natural procelain tile range that comes with matching mosaics.The plain tiles in this range come in 10x30cm, 30x60cm and in 30x30cm mosaic sheets. The second range I would recommend would be Alfalux stone prints  this comes in a slightly textured porcelain and this range offers you a matching mosaic tile, the plain tile comes in 30x60cm with the matching mosaic sheet coming in 30x30cm. If you are going to install a wet room in your home and have any specific requirements i.e. you may require a tile with a good anti slip finish, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for assistance as they would be more than happy to help.



Merry Christmas



christmas card 2017

Azulev calacataWell that time of year has come again, the end of Cosmo Tiles Working Year. We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support through 2017. This year has been another great year for Cosmo Tiles and our new ranges have been very popular. There were a couple of stars of the show this year, our Azulev Calacatta range which is available in 30×60 and 60x60cm formats. This offers a clean modern alternative to marble.

Metropol Trivor GrisAnother Star Was Our Metropol Trivor  Range, which is a Large ceramic wall tile it is available in a plain 25x70cm tile and a matching feature wall tile metropol trivor concept. Metropol trivor range is available in both grey and almond. This tile was so popular for Use In bathrooms, Using the feature wall tile in the shower area and the plain on the rest of the walls. This leaves a nice clean modern look. Metropol trivor concept also looks great used on your kitchen splashback.

Cosmo Tiles would like to say thanks again for all your continued support throughout the year. We pride ourselves on the service we offer, which means we build good long lasting business relationships with our customers.

Cosmo Tiles Serves Architects , House Builders, Bathroom Showrooms and Sole Traders. If you are looking for a tile supplier, please do not hesitate to contact one of our showrooms in Glasgow 0141 420 1122  Or Greenock  01475 78  78 74 where our staff will be happy to assist you. As well as selling you tiles we can also help with any technical requirements you may have.

We Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year and look forward to seeing you all in 2018


Why Tiles ?

What is so good about tiles?

Why Tiles ? . Tiles are a great material to use in your home when you tile a floor you turn an ordinary home into a Luxury Contemporary living space, this offers you a light and airy space to live in. Tiles are hard wearing and last for many years, unlike carpets.They are great when someone has allergies because they don’t collect dust and are easily maintained and kept clean.Tiles are relatively inexpensive if you look at price per Sq metre and how long they are going to last in your home. Tiles give a real luxury appeal to any floor or wall space they are used on, that is, of course, assuming they are Cosmo Tiles.

fauborg dark grey top tipsWhere can you tile? Pamesa Provenza Nero

Traditionally people have thought of tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor steps only, but tiles have moved on so much further than that now.The way you now use tiles in your home is very different, you now have feature walls in your lounge and dining rooms. It is now a very common thing for you to tile large living and dining room floors. A perfect tile for this could be our Pamesa Provenza nero large format tile in 75x75cm.  Instead of the traditional cosy carpeted and curtained rooms you were brought up in, you now want open clean uncluttered spaces to live and chill out in. Tiles offer a great choice for this purpose depending on the look you want to create. Even if you are looking to create a softly furnished wood floor, we have several tile choices to offer you. Our Pamesa Bosque and Bayker Timber and Fauborg ranges would give you a floor that looked like wood but did not scratch and dent like wood because the tiles would be very hard wearing.You can tile just about anywhere in your home you just need to get the right help and advice for the job to go without a hitch. Cosmo Tiles have a friendly well-informed staff to help you with any project and help you with any technical queries you may have.

Cliff GreyTiles For Indoor Outdoor.

You can create a lovely modern living space in your home/garden by using one of our porcelain feature tiles in your lounge wall and also a garden wall. This can create a really good natural organic feel to the lounge and garden as the tile looks like natural stone, you have at the end of the project a nice space to relax in that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. Our Bayker Cliff could be perfect to create your feature wall it has everything we have described the nice natural stone look, It is available in nice soft Grey , Black and White.




Padana Slate BlackOur Padana slate tile would look great on your steps and maybe a feature wall, the black  or the grey would be nice and modern looking.Teamed with nice bright coloured garden tableware in fuchsia or lime green and you could have a winning formula. There are so many options for you, you can use the same tile on your kitchen floor as you do on your patio.Tiling really is very versatile and offers you a hygienic long lasting surface for many years.

If Cosmo tiles can assist you contact one of our showrooms in Glasgow Tel 0141 420 1122 or Greenock Tel 01475787874 or

Cutting and drilling tiles tell us about it!

Cutting ceramic tiles is fairly straight forward, there are several makes of cutter available but most do the same thing. You mark your Ceramic tile with a pen then use the wheel scribe of your machine, and pull it down your marked line. Once your handle has run right to the bottom of the tile and the scribe has marked it, you lean on the handle and the tile should snap at your guide. You also get hand held tile cutters where you scribe the tile and snap it with hand held tilers nippers. Drilling holes through ceramic tiles is fairly straight forward because they have a glazed front and a clay back they are easy to drill. tilers nippertile cutter

What about cutting porcelain tiles?

Porcelain tiles are manufactured to be so much stronger than ceramic tiles, because of this they are harder to cut than ceramic tiles. Most tilers will cut your porcelain tiles with their tile cutter, the blade should be sharp enough to give the tile a good scribe before cutting. Although you will find a lot of tilers will have an electric tile saw to take the hard work out of fitting porcelain.rubi wet saw

What about drilling porcelain tiles?

Drilling porcelain is something that puts a lot of people off buying it, It is  important you buy what you like, don’t compromise get informed drilling porcelain can be done no problem. It just requires a drill a diamond tipped hole saw and a cup of cool water. You have to take your time place the hole saw against the porcelain and wait till you feel it starting to catch, keep your hole saw cool by dipping it in the water and keep going till your all the way through. If you take care of the diamond tipped hole saw and keep it cool it will a last longer and you will get more use of it. Watch this video as it gives you a step by step guide to drilling porcelain tiles.

Hopefully once you have read this guide and watched the video you will see that you can have the tiles you like and have the same tile on your wall and floor.It may cost a little more for your tiler to cut and drill your porcelain tiles but after reading this blog you will understand why. If you need any help or advice regarding a tiling project all the staff at Cosmo tiles would be more than happy to help.




Great New Ranges For 2017

At Cosmo Tiles we have introduced some Fabulous new ranges for 2017. So we thought we would tell you all about them.

Azulev Calacatta.

The first of our new ranges we would like to discuss is our Azulev Calacatta range. As you can see from the image it looks stunning when used on any wall or floor.This range offers you two sizes 30x60cm and 60x60cm. It is made from glazed porcelain so both sizes are available for use on the wall and the floor. This range offers you a modern and contemporary alternative to the traditional marble design.This tile range is available at a great price. It could be perfect for use in your bathroom or kitchen walls and floors or in large living dining floors.Where ever you use in it will look fantastic.This range is matt and leaves a very sleek finish.

Utah Granite GreyGold Art Utah.

Another one of our new ranges would like to discuss with you is our Gold Art Utah Range. This range is available in four colours Slate (Black), Glacier (White), Desert (Beige) or Granite (Grey) it is a textured tile offering a slate/natural stone look to the tile. Gold Art Utah is porcelain so is suitable for use on the walls and floors in your home.The great thing about this range is it gives you a natural stone look with out the need for sealing or any maintenance. As with all tiles we would recommend once the fitter has completed the job, the tiles are given a builders clean to ensure all grout and cement residue has been removed. Once that is complete you just have to maintain with a general tile cleaner we have products available for this purpose. If you need some advice pop in and see us.

Well we have only managed to discuss two new ranges today but we have many more available for you to see .

Pop into one of our showrooms in Glasgow or Greenock where our friendly staff will be happy to help.

Floor Tiling Ideas

Floor Tiling Ideas From Cosmo Tiles.

Hey, hope you are all enjoying your weekend,  today Cosmo tiles is going to discuss floor tiling ideas. It is becoming so much more popular in this country to tile large kitchen dining, living area floors. There are so many options available for tiling floors, today we are going to discuss with you the current trends available for tiling the floors in your home.

What Tiles Can I Use On My Floor?

The first tile we are going to discuss with you is our Pamesa Bosque range one of Cosmo’s best sellers this tile is a porcelain wood effect tile, it Pamesa Bosco Argent (Agt) (Mid Brown) 22x85cm Floor Tileis suitable for use on all the walls and floor’s in your home. You can create a look anything from a Shabby chic french chateau look to modern and contemporary design with this tile, it is so versatile and our customers just can’t get enough of it. Pamesa Bosque available in five colours Cenere (Light Grey) , Argent (Light Brown), Arena (Cream ), Natura (Beige), Moka (Dark Brown). When you use Pamesa Bosque in your home it gives a nice sumptuous feel to your home, this range is a luxury product and the great news it’s great value for money.

Are There tiles with more than one size available?

alp stone almond tilesThe second range we would love to tell you about is Our Aurelia Alp stone range, this range is available in three colours Almond and Grey and Black. Aurelia Alp stone is a glazed porcelain tile it is available in sizes 30x60cm , 60x60cm, and a 30x30cm mosaic. Alp stone is suitable for use on your walls and floors, and the quality of this tile speaks for itself when fitted in your home. Alp stone range is available in two different finishes natural finish, which is like a matt natural stone effect and semi- levigato which offers you a natural look with a sheen on the top of it.

Do You Have Ceramic Tiles For Floors?

Cifre District SilverThe third tile we are telling you about today is a new ceramic range for floors, it is called Cifre District this tile has a modern cement look to it, it has watermarks on it to give the impression of cement that has still to dry. This tile is perfect for use on your bathroom floors. Cifre district range is available in four colours brown , Silver(Light Grey), Plomb (Dark Grey) Ivory and Brown, because Cifre District is ceramic tile it is also great value for money.

Cosmo Tiles have discussed three-floor tiling ideas with you today.If you are tiling a floor in your home and need some help and advice, pop into one of our showrooms in Glasgow 0141 420 1122 or Greenock 01475 787874 .Where our friendly  staff will be happy to help.

March Madness Great Offers Just For You !

March Madness just for you!

Well, spring is here and Cosmo tiles have decided to launch Mad March Offers on our website. So keep your eyes peeled for great offers you just won’t be able to refuse. Whether you are looking to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom or you are carrying out a total house refurbishment, we will have tiles suitable for your project.

What Tiles are available in the March Madness? 

The great news is there’s a selection of tiles on our website that are included in this offer, with up to 50% off for the month of march. So get your skates on and have a look at our website to see what you fancy, three free samples are available, and should reach you within a couple of days. At Cosmo Tiles, we have a great selection of Ceramic and Porcelain tiles to offer you. A range we would recommend for use in your bathroom is Metropol Signo soul range 25x40cm ceramic wall tile which is suitable for use on the walls of your bathroom, the picture below shows Signo soul arena in a bathroom setting. Feature walls are very on Metropol-Signo-Soul-Arena-Beige-25x40cm-Wall-Tile_scene_XLtrend at the moment, and if you are adding a feature wall to your bathroom when using Signo soul arena, we would recommend you use our Ibero Montana Beige tile these two tile’s complement each other and leave a stunning result.

What about my floor?

montana beige

Your bathroom walls are all sorted but what about your floor? The good news is that signo soul tile has a matching floor tile to go with it, which comes in a 41x41cm square tile and is made from glazed porcelain, unlike the ceramic wall tile. We have discussed tiles suitable for your bathroom Cosmo tiles has a wide selection of tiles suitable for your kitchen. If it’s a floor your tiling we would always recommend the use of a porcelain tile as they are hard wearing and durable.

We have an extensive range of tiles for you to choose from, we are constantly complimented on the great customer service we offer our customers and we pride ourselves on this.Visit one of our showrooms where you will meet our friendly staff who will be more than happy to help. Or visit Cosmo tiles website and don’t forget to take advantage of our great offers.

Tile Accesories

Tile Accessories Can Really Give Your Room its Own Identity

Whether you are looking to create a traditional Victorian bathroom or a modern contemporary bathroom, choosing the right tiles and tile accessories will reflect on the finished end result of your room.Apeadero Torello showroom

apeadero biselado showroom displayYou Can use a basic white metro tile pop a ceramic moulded border with this and you have a traditional looking bathroom.The great thing about this is you can achieve the look you want without it costing the earth. At Cosmo Tiles, we have knowledgeable staff available to help you at every stage of your purchase to ensure you get it right. The Cosmo ranges we would suggest for this look would be our Apeadero Biselado Blanco and Nero with our matching Torello Ceramic border pictured above. I hope this has shown you by putting together the tile you like with the correct tile accessories you can interpret the design you like.

Now if you would like to create a spa retreat that you can relax in after a hard day at work, using the correct feature tiles to compliment the plain tile you have chosen will bring your design to life. Our Alp Stone range pictured across looks stunning when used in a bathroom.

Al[p Stone almond 60x60cmIt is very popular to use a textured feature wall tile on one full direction grey wall to add interest to your room.The plain Alp stone tile will create space in the room and your feature tile will bring your room bang up to date with its modern look and textured finish.

It is also worthwhile taking some time to think about tile edge finishes as they can make or break your end result.

Tiles were used as a wall covering to waterproof your room and protect your walls for years. Now Tiles create that modern and contemporary feel to your room, not only in your bathroom in your lounge, kitchen, hallway etc. People have switched on to tiles because of their long lasting hard wearing anti-allergic properties, also because you can completely transform the look of your room in a couple of days.

straight edge trimThe most popular tile trim edges that have been used traditionally is the quarter round in either white, cream and chrome. As your tastes have changed in tiles the tile trim companies have introduced more modern sleek finishes to compliment your tile choices. You Can now get a straight edge right angle tile trim, which we have found to be very popular with both our showroom customers and their tilers. This is available in white or chrome and leaves a nice clean finish.There are so many tile trims to choose from we can’t discuss them all in this blog if you pop into any of our showrooms we would be happy to help you select the correct trim.

If we can help you with a tiling project contact or                                                                          Telephone 0141 420 1122 or 01475 78 78 74

Metropol Trivor Tile Range

Metropol trivor Tile range has something new to offer you, the wall tiles are made of ceramic material, but they have the quality and look of a good porcelain tile, there has been a lot of care and thought put into this range and it shows in the finished product. Sometimes porcelain tiles are just not suitable for the project you are planning. Depending on the porcelain tile you choose, it may be to heavy for your walls, so your fitter may ask you to purchase only ceramic material. When you see the difference in appearance between the ceramic and porcelain tile ranges you might be unsure of what to buy. This range will not leave you disappointed, it has a natural appearance and the matching Décor has a bang on trend linear design with subtle colours and tones. This tile range is in stock and would add style to any room in your home.

Where can I use it?

Can I use it in a bathroom?

Metropol Trivor tile range can be used in any room in your home it is great in a bathroom and there are several style designs you could choose from. You could have the whole shower area in the decorative metropol trivor concept tile, and have the rest of the walls in the plain tile with the metropol trivor floor tile to finish the look. Currently in the Glasgow showroom we have displayed the plain tile with a decorative border of the trivor concept tile 3 tiles wide cutting through the middle in a broad band, as you can see in the image below. This offers you a different design from a centre panel or vertical borders that we have seen so much of in recent years.metropol trivor almond

Can I use it in my kitchen?

Metropol Trivor tile range is also suitable for use in your kitchen, the metropol trivor concept tile has proved to be very popular for use on kitchen splashbacks, as it tones with all the kitchens colours available on the market today.The metropol trivor floor tile range is the perfect choice to compliment your kitchen splashback, and as it is made from glazed porcelain it not only looks good but offers great durability for your floor.

So that’s another one of our new ranges we have introduced you to. If you like what you’ve read and would like to know more, you would be welcome in one of our showrooms in either Glasgow or Greenock or you may like to browse our Cosmo tiles website.

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