Cutting and drilling tiles tell us about it!

Cutting ceramic tiles is fairly straight forward, there are several makes of cutter available but most do the same thing. You mark your Ceramic tile with a pen then use the wheel scribe of your machine, and pull it down your marked line. Once your handle has run right to the bottom of the tile and the scribe has marked it, you lean on the handle and the tile should snap at your guide. You also get hand held tile cutters where you scribe the tile and snap it with hand held tilers nippers. Drilling holes through ceramic tiles is fairly straight forward because they have a glazed front and a clay back they are easy to drill. tilers nippertile cutter

What about cutting porcelain tiles?

Porcelain tiles are manufactured to be so much stronger than ceramic tiles, because of this they are harder to cut than ceramic tiles. Most tilers will cut your porcelain tiles with their tile cutter, the blade should be sharp enough to give the tile a good scribe before cutting. Although you will find a lot of tilers will have an electric tile saw to take the hard work out of fitting porcelain.rubi wet saw

What about drilling porcelain tiles?

Drilling porcelain is something that puts a lot of people off buying it, It is  important you buy what you like, don’t compromise get informed drilling porcelain can be done no problem. It just requires a drill a diamond tipped hole saw and a cup of cool water. You have to take your time place the hole saw against the porcelain and wait till you feel it starting to catch, keep your hole saw cool by dipping it in the water and keep going till your all the way through. If you take care of the diamond tipped hole saw and keep it cool it will a last longer and you will get more use of it. Watch this video as it gives you a step by step guide to drilling porcelain tiles.

Hopefully once you have read this guide and watched the video you will see that you can have the tiles you like and have the same tile on your wall and floor.It may cost a little more for your tiler to cut and drill your porcelain tiles but after reading this blog you will understand why. If you need any help or advice regarding a tiling project all the staff at Cosmo tiles would be more than happy to help.





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