5 Top Tips For Tiling Your Bathroom

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Top Tips for Tiling your bathroom, there is a lot to consider so we thought we would give you 5 top tips to consider before taking on this task to help you on your way.

  1.  Set a budget, be realistic with yourself about how much you would like to spend on tiles for your project. Then when you go to make your selection you can tell the sales staff what you’re expecting to pay which will make the selection process a lot easier. The tile to your right is a great value range and it looks fantastic our Ibero Poeme/Harmonie range you won’t be compromising on quality.
  2. Think about the size of the room and what you are looking to achieve when the room is complete. If you’re not sure visit Cosmo Tiles where our sales staff would be more than happy to discuss current trends etc with you. They will assist you in putting together a whole look for the room you are going to tile.
  3. Think about finishes as well as tiles, talk to the sales staff about tile trim choices and what would suit your room and tile choice best. Also, think about grout colour this can make such a dramatic change to the end result. A cream tile with a white grout line the grout lines are very prominent and there is a grid effect on your walls if you use a cream grout with a cream tile the grout lines are much more subtle and the grid effect disappears. This also helps create space and open your room out.
  4. Consult with your tradesmen when you have made your selection of tiles etc. Clear and concise instruction with your tradesmen will ensure you get the end result you desire. It pays to listen to your tradesmen when they are advising you about what material size etc may be suitable for your room, but ultimately you have to be happy with your selections and the design you have chosen for your project.
  5. This is the tricky bit bringing all the tradesmen together getting all the deliveries coordinated and watching the job go ahead. It is a good idea to be there to meet with your tradesmen when they arrive to confirm how the room has to be laid out what way you want your tiles fixed to the walls and where feature walls, panels or borders have to be placed in the room. If everyone is clear about what is to be done the job should run smoothly and you can relax and wait to see your room transformed.fauborg dark grey top tips

Tiles Featured In the photo to your left Bayker Fauborg dark grey this tile offers you a perfect tile to create the must have pattern for 2016 Herring Bone.

We hope you have found our Top Tips useful. If you require any help and advice with a Tiling project you are about to embark on please do not hesitate to ask. You can visit one of Cosmo Tiles showrooms in Glasgow 0141 420 1122 or Greenock 01475 78 78 74.



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