Alfresco Dinning From Cosmo Tiles

Can I use Tiles Outside?

What is it that makes us love being on our Holidays every year, we believe the opulently tiled pools and patios are what make us relax in the luxurious surroundings all tiles and not a pathing stone in sight. Cosmo Tiles can help you re-create this atmosphere in your own garden areas which will allow you to absorb some Alfresco dining in your own home. If you tile a Garden area in your home in this country you have to use a porcelain tile as it is resilient to frost and is more robust to cope with our weather conditions.

Can I use the same tile inside and out?Padana Lavagna

It is a great idea if you are planning a kitchen refurbishment or extension to choose a tile which will sit well in both your kitchen floor and patio areas. This leaves a very flush finish and creates space, bringing the inside outside. We have several options available for this purpose Our Padana lavagna range would be lovely it is a slate effect 30x60cm porcelain tile, Padana Lavagna is not porous and does not need to be sealed .You Just fit it in your garden space and then it’s ready to enjoy for many years to come.

Do I have a lot of  tile options?

You have so many options when tiling garden areas, you could go for something traditional a Padana Slate Blackroman opus pattern which leaves a nice rustic feel to your area using a few different sizes to create a random pattern. We would recommend our Padana slate range for this as it is porcelain which means it is frost proof, it would look great and the Roman Opus pattern is timeless. Or you may also choose a porcelain wood tile which gives the impression of a wooden deck without the need to paint it every year. We stock a selection of wood tiles, our Pamesa Bosco range is a very popular choice for kitchen floors. If you are looking for porcelain wood tiles for your garden areas we have a nice range we can order in for you .

So we hope we have inspired you to do something creative with your garden areas boring paving slabs are not your only option. If you are looking to create a fabulous garden area Pop into one of our showrooms in Glasgow or Greenock for some expert advice from our friendly and helpful staff.


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