Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Tiles get into Cafe Culture

Are Casalgrande Padana Metalwood tiles best for a commercial setting?

At Cosmo Tiles we are often asked what tiles are best for commercial tiling projects. With this in mind we take a look back at a job that we were involved with at for Gennaro’s, a great little café on Great Western Road in Glasgow.

Gennaro’s sell a mix of Italian and traditional food and drinks (we’re a big fan of their Fish and Chips) and they are well known for their delicious ice cream that comes from local suppliers.


How did Cosmo Tiles come up with the best tiling ideas?

We were asked to get involved in the project when Gennaro first moved into the new premises a couple of years ago. When it comes to tiling and tiling ideas, we are always delighted to help and Gennaro had a big job on his hands: “It was a brand new place that we were moving in to so it was a complete refit. The whole place needed kitting out, not just the tiling.”


What wall tiles and floor tiles did the client choose for the project?

A job like this often needs a selection of tiles with a common theme. After consultation with the client, Paul Verrico, Director, recommended the Casalgrande Padana Metalwood range for the bulk of the job’s floor tiling requirements with some features picked out with Alfalux PR Stone Prints Noce and Estellos Pizzara Multicolour.

Gennaro tells us more: “We really liked the look of the tiles that were recommended. Paul brought a selection and he knew exactly what we were after. They are still going strong now so I’ve got no complaints!”

The hardwearing Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Iridio 30x60cm were perfect choice of floor tiles for the Front shop area mixed with Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Iridio  10x60cm and Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Bronzo 10x60cm. The steps were a variation on the them using another mix of Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Gradino (steptread) Bronzo 30x60cm and Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Bronzo 30x60cm together with Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Iridio 30x60cm.

Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Bronzo 30x60cm were also used on the floor of the cafes dining area and Alfalux PR Stone Noce 30x60cm wall tiles provided the ideal complement. A mosaic feature was created using Tres Estellos Pizzara Multicolour  mosaic 30x30cm sheet.

Finally the back of the Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Oro 30x60cm were used for the back of the cafe where, like the rest of the floor areas, high levels of traffic were anticipated so this choice of durable tiles was crucial.


Where can you buy Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Alfalux PR Stone Noce and Estellos Pizzara Multicolour tiles?

All of these tiles are available from Cosmo Tiles along with many, many more. Get in touch with one of our “Tile Gurus” for some free help and advice to help you to choose the right tiles for your tiling project.

Casalgrande-Padana-Metalwo4  Casalgrande-Padana-Metalwo3

How did do? Would you recommend Cosmo Tiles as a tile supplier?

Gennaro is one of our biggest fans! “I already recommend them to all of my friends! Paul Verrico of Cosmo is the man when it comes to tiling. He came into the shop and made sure that everything was done properly. A great service.”

Tiles used:

Front shop floor

Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Iridio 30x60cm
Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Iridio  10x60cm
Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Bronzo 10x60cm


Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Gradino (steptread) Bronzo 30x60cm
Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Bronzo 30x60cm
Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Iridio 30x60cm

Restaurant / Dining area floor

Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Bronzo 30x60cm

Restaurant Dining area Walls

Alfalux PR Stone Noce 30x60cm

Moasaic feature

Tres Estellos Pizzara Multicolour  mosaic 30x30cm sheet

Back shop floor

Casalgrande Padana Metalwood Oro 30x60cm



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