Choosing the correct tile adhesives and grouts

What adhesives should I use?

When purchasing tiles you also have to think about the correct tile adhesives and grouts, there are several products on the market .

Ready Mixed Adhesive

This adhesive comes ready to use straight from the tub, it is suitable for fixing ceramic wall tiles up to the size of 25 x 50cm. If your ceramic tile is larger than this then you will have to fit it with a cement based adhesive that you would use to fix floor tiles. There are different grades of ready mixed tile adhesives although most of them are acrylic, not all of them are water resistant and suitable for showers, so if you are tiling a whole bathroom make sure you buy enough water resistant adhesive for your shower area.

Single part flexible adhesive

This product is a cement based adhesive which is slow setting which means the tiler has longer to work with it before it sets. It is suitable for your floors but takes up to 16 hours to set and you would have to make sure no one walks on your tiles or disturbs them until its sets. single part flexible adhesive is more commonly used where a tiler is fitting a large ceramic or porcelain tile to your wall.

Bal-20kg-Grey-Rapid-Set-Flexible-Adhesive_LRapid set flexible tile adhesive

Is suitable for fixing floor tiles, porcelain tiles and large format ceramic wall tiles. This rapid set flexible tile adhesive comes in powder form in a bag which you mix with water. It is flexible which makes it particularly suitable for floors where you have to overlay them with plywood and there may be some movement in the base.

Fast flex adhesive

Fast flex adhesive is a flexible adhesive

It is suitable for use where the finished tiling would be subject to movement and vibrations, it has a rubber like flexibility and can be grouted after 5 hours. This product is most commonly used for your floor tiles on chipboard floors. Although this product has additional flexibility you must always ensure that the base you are tiling on to is well fixed and secure.

What about grout?

As with adhesives there are a lot of wall and floor grouts available on the market.

Wall Grouts.

Standard white grout used for standard wall tiling, this grout is more than suitable for this purpose, be aware this grout is not water resistant so if it is used in your shower area with a power shower the water may still work its way through and damage the wall behind. If it is just a standard shower or kitchen wall you are tiling then this grout should be fine.

Superflex White Grout this grout is suitable for use in power showers it has extra flexibility included in it.

Microflex white grout has an add mix included in it to give you increased flexibility and high bond strength at the edges of tiles/mosaics. It has microban in it to protect against bacteria and black mould, it is suitable for you to use on most tile types including porcelain.

Floor grouts

Wide joint grey grout is a standard floor grout it is best used where there is no movement on the floor, so it would be suitable when tiling onto concrete.Bal-3-5-Kg-Superflex-Grey-Wide-Joint-Grout_XL
Superflex grout this is a floor grout which comes with added flexibility, it comes in a variety of colours and is good to use where you are tiling onto plywood.




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