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Pamesa Luni BlancoHave you always had an image in your head of your dream home?

They images of a warm cosy house and how the decor would look, I think we have all had them. At Cosmo Tiles we would love to make your Dream Home come true. Even if you don’t know where to start we will help you piece each room together until you have created your Dream Home.There is nothing more terrifying or exhilarating about getting your own blank canvas to work with, and somehow have to turn these bare empty rooms into a home.

At Cosmo Tiles we have over thirty years experience of helping people select the best tile for their home.We thrive on this and love to see our customers delighted with the tile choices they have made and with the most important thing the End Result.You Invest a lot of money and time in designing your home, so you absolutely want to love what you’ve created.

If your Dream Home has large tiled living areas we have tiles to suit If it’s a traditional Look you are going for, we have just received two luxury ranges, which would look great with traditional decor. Our Pamesa Luni Blancoprovenzal patterned 60x60cm is a porcelain tile and looks like a beautiful polished marble and is so nice it would compliment any decor. The other tile that would look marvellous as your tiled Living area is our  Pamesa Provenzal range which featured in last week’s blog, it has a natural finish to it and it’s 75x75cm. This range offers you a plain self-coloured in Blanco, Gris,Nero and Perla. The decor tile displays all the shades of the plain tiles through it so can be used with any of them. So that is a few suggestions for your dream living area.

What About The Bathrooms in your Dream home?Apeadero Biselado black and white

Did you imagine yourself lying in a free standing bath with bubbles right up to your neck, again I’m sure we’ve all had that image one time in our life? With the friendly experienced staff at Cosmo Tiles, I’m sure you’ll manage to put something great  together.It is very popular at the moment to use ceramic brick tiles to compliment free standing baths and traditional furniture if this is the look you are going for we would recommend our Apeadero Biselado Metro range.

Alternatively, you may wish your bathroom to be ultra sleek and modern, with the same Metalwood Siliciotile all over on the walls and floor. If this is what you want it would be a porcelain tile you would need . Most porcelain tiles we stock come in size 30x60cm this size of tile suits most bathrooms, sometimes you are unsure about a larger tile but have the confidence to go for it. When a larger tile is used in your room, because you’ll have fewer grout lines it opens the room up and creates space. A tile worth looking at for this design would be our Metalwood Range this tile is made from very good quality porcelain and would look great in your bathroom.  e

Well, I hope you realise after reading this blog that there is help out there, you are not alone. Cosmo Tiles would love to assist you with your selection. We can also help you with any technical questions you may have. Your Dream home is just around the corner  and we will help you get there.


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