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Should You Use Tiles In Your External And Garden Areas?

Now spring has sprung you might be thinking of giving your garden a makeover. If you are thinking of using tiles in your garden areas but don’t know where to start pop down to Cosmo Tiles showrooms this weekend and we will set you on the right path to garden bliss this summer. Would it be suitable to use tiles in the outside areas of your home, this gives you a lot of choice although not every tile is suitable for this purpose.With so many materials on the market it is difficult to know what type of external  tile you should be choosing.hnt 5 rosie

So, are ceramic tiles suitable?

In some cases when you buy ceramic tiles in this country it says on the box that they are suitable for exterior use, this is because they are made in Europe where the climate is a lot warmer. In this country it gets so cold in winter they are not suitable this is due to extreme frosts which can cause the tile to crack.

What about porcelain tiles are they suitable?

Porcelain tiles are suitable to use outside if they are fully vitrified. (The technical term for a tile being porcelain all the way through.) They are very popular because they are suitable for kitchen floor and patios, which mean you can use the same tile all the way through from interior to exterior in your home giving a seamless finish.

There are a few things you may want to think about if you are going to tile a garden area, you must make sure you have a good hard level base to tile on.This will ensure your external tiles stay down and and they remain looking good for many years to come. Leaving you to get on with enjoying ardesia biancoyour home and garden.Before you go out and purchase tiles for the exterior of your home ask yourself the following questions:

  • Should you use tiles in your external and garden areas?
  • It is possible to use tiles in the outside areas of your home?
  • Is the external tile your thinking of buying suitable for this purpose?

 Is natural stone suitable?

Natural stone is suitable, but again I would think about the stone you fit in your home, some stones are harder than others. Below is a list of external tiles we either recommend or suggest you avoid.Travertine is a soft stone with a lot of pitted holes in it because of this I would not advise using it.Limestone is a much harder material which would be more than suitable for your home and garden.Marble would also be suitable but it generally has a much smoother finish so be aware of the slipping hazard this may cause.

Slate is a good hard material suitable for your home, be aware it can come in an uneven riven finish which could result in problems with garden furniture etc. For this reason we would recommend a honed slate which gives a nice smooth flat finish.

As with all natural stone because this material is not waterproof you have to use an impregnator to seal and waterproof your tile.This may have to be reapplied once or twice yearly depending on the traffic the tile receives.When fitting all external tiles, you would use a rapid setting flexible adhesive, when fitting natural stone it is recommended that you always use a white adhesive and butter the back of the tile with the adhesive as well as serrating your base. To view our full range of tiles why not visit our home page as we have a huge range of tiles arriving daily.

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