Feature Walls what are they?

What are feature walls?

The Buzzwords of tile manufacturers this year is Feature Walls, for Years when you have been tiling a room in your home to break the tiles up, you have used a decorative border and decor tiles. Then as tile designs changed you moved to vertical borders and feature panels of mosaic to add interest. Now you are going all guns blazing and creating amazing and dramatic feature walls to add impact to your room, instead of adding a little decorative touch we are creating in your face features that you won’t miss.

What tile could I use to create a feature wall?

montana antraciteAt Cosmo Tiles, we have loads of options for you to use on your feature wall,montana beige we will give you some suggestions and then you can get your creative juices flowing and go for it. The first tile we would suggest for this use is our old faithful Ibero Montana since this tile has hit the shores of bonnie Scotland it has flown off our shelves and continues to do so. It is a ceramic tile and is suitable for use in every room in your home, it is available in two colours anthracite which is a mixture of light and dark greys and beige a mix of beiges and browns.

Another suggestion is a new arrival at Cosmo Tiles and creates stunning feature walls it is our bayker Cliff range.Bayker Cliff white
Bayker Cliff Black
This tile has been very well received since arriving and is available in three colours white, grey and black. Bayker Cliff offers a subtle self-coloured textured finish to your room, it is rougher than Montana which makes it perfect for a feature wall in any room in your home. It has been very popular for use in living room walls, the white one has been the most popular for this purpose as it creates texture on your walls without Bayker cliff greyconflicting with any colour choice for the rest of your room. The grey and black are still on a neutral colour pallet and have been used for feature walls and panels in bathrooms and kitchens all and all it has been so well received we thought it was important to tell you about it.

We have discussed some options for feature walls in your home but there are many more tiles available at Cosmo Tiles suitable for this purpose. If you require any assistance with a tiling project please do not hesitate to contact Cosmo  tiles website or one of our showrooms in either Greenock 01475 787874 or Glasgow 0141 420 1122.


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