Floor Tiling Ideas

Floor Tiling Ideas From Cosmo Tiles.

Hey, hope you are all enjoying your weekend,  today Cosmo tiles is going to discuss floor tiling ideas. It is becoming so much more popular in this country to tile large kitchen dining, living area floors. There are so many options available for tiling floors, today we are going to discuss with you the current trends available for tiling the floors in your home.

What Tiles Can I Use On My Floor?

The first tile we are going to discuss with you is our Pamesa Bosque range one of Cosmo’s best sellers this tile is a porcelain wood effect tile, it Pamesa Bosco Argent (Agt) (Mid Brown) 22x85cm Floor Tileis suitable for use on all the walls and floor’s in your home. You can create a look anything from a Shabby chic french chateau look to modern and contemporary design with this tile, it is so versatile and our customers just can’t get enough of it. Pamesa Bosque available in five colours Cenere (Light Grey) , Argent (Light Brown), Arena (Cream ), Natura (Beige), Moka (Dark Brown). When you use Pamesa Bosque in your home it gives a nice sumptuous feel to your home, this range is a luxury product and the great news it’s great value for money.

Are There tiles with more than one size available?

alp stone almond tilesThe second range we would love to tell you about is Our Aurelia Alp stone range, this range is available in three colours Almond and Grey and Black. Aurelia Alp stone is a glazed porcelain tile it is available in sizes 30x60cm , 60x60cm, and a 30x30cm mosaic. Alp stone is suitable for use on your walls and floors, and the quality of this tile speaks for itself when fitted in your home. Alp stone range is available in two different finishes natural finish, which is like a matt natural stone effect and semi- levigato which offers you a natural look with a sheen on the top of it.

Do You Have Ceramic Tiles For Floors?

Cifre District SilverThe third tile we are telling you about today is a new ceramic range for floors, it is called Cifre District this tile has a modern cement look to it, it has watermarks on it to give the impression of cement that has still to dry. This tile is perfect for use on your bathroom floors. Cifre district range is available in four colours brown , Silver(Light Grey), Plomb (Dark Grey) Ivory and Brown, because Cifre District is ceramic tile it is also great value for money.

Cosmo Tiles have discussed three-floor tiling ideas with you today.If you are tiling a floor in your home and need some help and advice, pop into one of our showrooms in Glasgow 0141 420 1122 or Greenock 01475 787874 .Where our friendly  staff will be happy to help.


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