Gambini Art Deco tile new range just arrived.

art deco grey sceneGambini Art Deco

Our great new range Gambini Art deco  is a lovely tile with endless possibilities for your home. It could be used in your kitchen dining area,lounge, bathroom, bedroom and entrance hallway and not look out of place. It is also suitable to use on your wall and floor. Gambini Art Deco tiles come with earthy toned plain tiles matched with a patterned décor tile which has a lovely glazed finish, giving a nice shimmer when the light hits it which adds interest to the room in your home where it has been fitted. Gambini Art Deco tiles will look stunning if your home has either a modern and contemporary or traditional design. The patterned tile which comes in this range looks very eye catching when fitted in square sections, with large areas of the plain tile around it, giving a rug effect.

Gambini Art deco tiles can be used anywhere in your home, because the range has different colours you can use it to create borders and different zones in your living areas. This looks great when you mix two of the plain colours with the co-ordinating décor. Starting off with a couple of rows of the lightest plain tile then have a feature centre piece of the patterned décor this is a traditional laying pattern which would complement the traditional furniture and design of your home. Gambini Art deco tile is so versatile you can create your own patterns and designs and really put your own stamp on your property.

art deco taupeGambini Art Deco tile range will complement any room in your home, so far we have just talked about its use on floors, this tile is also suitable to use on walls. We have seen a number of  bathrooms where most of the walls were fitted with the plain tiles, with feature panels in vertical stripes using the patterned tile to attract the eye and add interest.With the whole floor fitted with the patterned tile which created a dramatic looking result. Gambini Art deco tile would also be suitable for a kitchen floor or alternatively you could use it as a kitchen splashback to compliment your floor or just create an eye catching display in your home.

We would like to think we have given you lots of suggestions for the use of this tile, so you can create something totally individual and bespoke to you and if you do, we would love to see it. We  have just finished a stunning display in our Glasgow showroom,so, if you’re thinking of tiling a room in your home and you’re looking for inspiration, pop in and see the new displays and tell us what you think. We also have a great website that you can view from the comfort of your own home click here to see the full range of tiles.


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