Great New Ranges For 2017

At Cosmo Tiles we have introduced some Fabulous new ranges for 2017. So we thought we would tell you all about them.

Azulev Calacatta.

The first of our new ranges we would like to discuss is our Azulev Calacatta range. As you can see from the image it looks stunning when used on any wall or floor.This range offers you two sizes 30x60cm and 60x60cm. It is made from glazed porcelain so both sizes are available for use on the wall and the floor. This range offers you a modern and contemporary alternative to the traditional marble design.This tile range is available at a great price. It could be perfect for use in your bathroom or kitchen walls and floors or in large living dining floors.Where ever you use in it will look fantastic.This range is matt and leaves a very sleek finish.

Utah Granite GreyGoldĀ Art Utah.

Another one of our new ranges would like to discuss with you is our Gold Art Utah Range. This range is available in four colours Slate (Black), Glacier (White), Desert (Beige) or Granite (Grey) it is a textured tile offering a slate/natural stone look to the tile. Gold Art Utah is porcelain so is suitable for use on the walls and floors in your home.The great thing about this range is it gives you a natural stone look with out the need for sealing or any maintenance. As with all tiles we would recommend once the fitter has completed the job, the tiles are given a builders clean to ensure all grout and cement residue has been removed. Once that is complete you just have to maintain with a general tile cleaner we have products available for this purpose. If you need some advice pop in and see us.

Well we have only managed to discuss two new ranges today but we have many more available for you to see .

Pop into one of our showrooms in Glasgow or Greenock where our friendly staff will be happy to help.


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