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Pamesa Luni BlancoGreat Offers Brought To You By Cosmo Tiles Every Week!

This week is no exception, two new ranges we have introduced this year our Pamesa Luni Blanco range and our Geotiles Intra-Range have 10% Off great offers this week only.

Geotiles Intra and Pamesa Luni Blanco are both 60×60 large format tiles, they are made from glazed porcelain with a polished surface. When you use any of these tiles in your home your room will be transformed.

Where can I use Geotiles Intra and Pamesa Luni Blanco ?Geotiles Intra Blanco

Can I use both of them in my bathroom? 

Geotiles Intra and Pamesa Luni Blanco can be used in every room in your home because they’re porcelain they can be used on both your walls and floors. These tiles would look stunning used on your bathroom walls and floor, their larger size would open your room out and create space. Both of the ranges offer a luxury polished stone appeal which would never date and always look good.

What about my kitchen? 

Geotiles Intra and Pamesa Luni Blanco look stunning when used on your kitchen floor. The large size of this tile works very well in large living, kitchen/dining areas of your home.They leave a sleek modern finish with all the opulence of a five-star hotel. The two great offers we have discussed have 10% Off an already very well priced tile, so you really are getting a bargain. If you have a large floor that needs to be tiled before Christmas, if you buy this week you’ll have a bit of money to put towards your Christmas shopping.

Does It Need Sealed?

Geotiles Intra Blanco and Pamesa Luni Blanco do not need to be sealed, you just buy them, fit them and enjoy them. They are made from good quality porcelain which is very robust and will last for many years.

Keep your eyes on our site for great offers coming to you from Cosmo Tiles every week. If you need any help with a tiling project, contact us at Cosmo Tiles website live chat. Or at one of our showrooms in  Glasgow 0141 420 1122 or Greenock 01475 78 7874 .


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