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Shop around for your kitchen tiles

Whilst some of the big retailers offer fantastic deals at this time of year, it’s always worth asking a local joiner or home improvement company to give you a quote. They can access exclusive trade prices and deals that can compete with those that the big DIY warehouses offer.

Choosing your tiles

When it comes to choosing your tiles, we have a few tiling tips that may help you in deciding the tiles that you choose and if you are local you can always nip down to our showroom in Glasgow or Greenock and take a look at our huge selection of tiles catering for every taste.  – be aware that not all retailers supply top quality tiles  and what looks great online might not be as good in reality, but at  Cosmo Ceramics we pride ourselves on the quality of the tiles we sell both in store and online.  You might also be surprised to know that Cosmo Tiles often offer better value than some of the big retailers so don’t think you have to buy your tiles from the same place you’re getting your kitchen from.

The latest trend is for very large tiles but they may not suit your kitchen particularly if there are a lot of electrical sockets to cut around. Large tiles are heavy and cannot be fixed to some backgrounds.

Consider your options when tilingbengal beige

Plan how the tiles are to be set out ensuring that borders and motifs are not broken up by electrical sockets and light switches. Mosaics can be very useful in kitchens which tend to have a lot of switches and sockets to cut round. They come on a mesh which can be cut with scissors.

Tiling an entire kitchen in mosaic could prove expensive. Instead, use mosaics between the worktop and wall units and choose a complimentary tile for the other wall areas.

More and more people are choosing to tile their floors as well as their wall areas as tiles are ideally suited to high use areas that are easy to maintain. It also makes it easier to coordinate colours – see below. To find out more about floor tiles ask a member of our staff.

Try a co-ordinated approachNovabel-Milano-Scala-30x60cm-Black-Floor-use-Wet-Cutter-_scene_XL

Don’t try and match the colour of the worktop, a contrast or a similar colour to the floor, co-ordinating with the units, will always look more effective. Don’t be afraid to mix matt finish tiles with gloss units or worktop and vice versa.

Take advantage of free advise

Talk to a tiling specialist – it doesn’t cost anything to talk to a member of our knowledgeable staff to help you decide on the right tiles and other materials for your project. We can even provide samples for you to take away and get an idea of how they might look in situ before you commit.

Make sure floor tiles are suitably slip resistant for bare feet in wet conditions and that you have the correct adhesives, profiles, mattings and waterproofing systems to ensure the tiling lasts a lifetime.

Choose the right tile for you

Tiles can add value to your home so be prepared to spend money and time. Wall space in a kitchen is usually limited to between the worktop and wall units so the quantities are small. Pay a little more and get something that really makes your kitchen special. It will be a lot cheaper than getting something you’re not 100% happy with and changing it at a later date.

Are you doing the tiling yourself?cutting tiles

If you are thinking about tiling yourself buy or hire the best equipment, it will save time and money and give you the best results,  but before you start  make sure you have ordered the right quantity of tiles as well as a few extra to allow for any breakages you may have.

Employing a tiler

If you are in any doubt about your own tiling skills then think about employing a tiler – taking down tiles once they are up is not the easiest or cheapest job. Not only should they give you a better finished job but, on average, it will take them about 1/3 of the time it takes an amateur. If you don’t already have a recommendation for an experienced tile fixer, we have a number of local tilers who leave their business cards at our reception in both Glasgow and Greenock so you can always grab a card while you are in seeing us. And that’s it – all the tiling tips you need to know to help make your project a success! Good luck.



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