Metropol Signo Bathroom Tile Range for you .

Why are Metropol Signo tiles a great choice for modern bathrooms?

This month we are focusing on a great new tile range for you from Metropol called Signo.

Metropol is one of Spain’s most exciting tile suppliers and has built an enviable reputation on innovation and dedication to developing new tile products.  When you are purchasing a metropol tile for your home you are buying quality that will last. The team at Metropol are continuously exploring the best tile shapes, colours and designs for your home. leading them to the creation of the stylish Metropol Signo Range.  


What does the Metropol Signo tile represent?

The Metropol Signo Soul tile range is a very good choice for your bathroom, it has a soft grain through it which gives it a nice natural finish in Spanish, Signo means the capability of creating something that does not exist, an original Metropol is proud to be known as one of the industry’s main innovators and the name is a celebration of this originality.

Metropol-Signo-3 Metropol-Signo-2

Is the Metropol Signo a bathroom tile or a kitchen tile?

The Metropol Signo soul tile range is predominantly a bathroom tile. It has a soft grain look which gives it a real modern and natural edge and it comes in a range of colours. The smooth finish will give any bathroom a touch of class.

Are Metropol Signo Soul best in Grey or White or even Beige?

The signo soul tile range come in a variety of colours and here at Cosmo Tiles we stock the stylish  Metropol Signo Soul Grey wall tiles in a 25x40cm size, guaranteed to enhance the look of any modern bathroom. You will see these listed as gris if you speak Spanish! They also come in the same size, 25x40cm, listed as Metropol Signo Soul Blanco or White if you need the translation. The other flavour you will find on our website is Metropol Signo Soul Arena a Biege colour. All are 8.9mm thick and will fit really well with modern bathroom wall tiling designs as well as in wet room areas.

Where can I buy the Metropol Signo bathroom tiles?

Cosmo is one of the main suppliers of Metropol Signo Soul tiles in the UK and you can order online now in the shopping bit of our website!



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