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Now spring is just around the corner you are looking out to your garden and thinking of the things you want to grow this year and what you would like to incorporate in your design of flower beds etc. If you are thinking of re- designing your patio area, or are building an extension that will have landscaping outside. Then tiles are a great option for this sort of project.

Can I use tiles to landscape my garden?

Tiles are a great option for use in your garden patio area, one of the great advantages to this is, you can pick a porcelain tile to use on your kitchen floor, and use the very same tile right the way through to your patio area. This reveals a seamless look and truly brings the outside inside, a clever design trick that maximises your floor space for entertaining and family enjoyment.

Is there a good selection of tiles for this purpose?

At Cosmo tiles we have a great selection of tiles suitable for this purpose. You are looking for something that is porcelain and we have a selection of porcelain tiles in different colours and textures. You will be looking to use a tile with some texture on it to avoid any issues with slipping etc.

What size are these tiles?Delconca Hnt 05

There are several ranges available to you where you have a selection of sizes in the range, so if you feel a 60x60cm tile would be too large for use on your kitchen floor, and you would rather use a 30x60cm tile and you would need a 60x60cm tile to use in your garden it would be possible to achieve this. We have a range called Delconca HNT it comes in two colours HNT10 light and HNT5 dark. This tile comes in a selection of sizes 30x60cm, 60x60cm and a lovely stone mix mosaic in size 30x60cm.The stone mix mosaic would be perfect for decorative borders on the patio, or could be used to create a complimentary feature wall in your garden area. Tiles in these large sizes are very modern and contemporary.

Is there any other patio options available ?Padana Slate Black

There are many other options available we have discussed using large tiles and creating a modern contemporary feel to your garden areas. If you are looking for a more traditional look for your garden then we have porcelain tiles in different sizes available to make up a roman opus pattern. They come in a selection of colours and sizes and leave a much more rustic feel to your Garden area. Which could be what is required to suit your property. The range we stock which we would recommend to achieve this look, would be Padana Slate. We stock this tile in the Beige, Grey and Black. You can see in the image where they have used the black on the wall of a garden area. In the other image we have shown the padana slate laid on a patio area in a roman opus pattern.Padana Slate Red

How do I decide what would be best for my garden?

If you draw a plan of your garden then you will be able to view the area you are going to tile and you can see what size of tile would be best suited to your garden area. I know we are saying that spring is just around the corner. This is the time to think and plan your patio, because it is still too cold to be tiling outside just now. As a guide to tile outside it must be above 5 degrees right through the night, this allows your grouts and adhesives to set properly.

As well as tiles that are suitable for patio areas. Cosmo tiles has a vast selection of ceramic and porcelain tiles available for your perusal. If we can be of any assistance to you with your project please to don’t hesitate to contact us on Glasgow 0141-420-1122



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