Quarry tiles

Where can you use quarry tiles?

If you’re thinking about using quarry tiles in your home, they would be more than suitable ,as these tiles have been traditionally used in kitchens, hallways, utility or laundry rooms or any rooms where you have high areas of traffic. Quarry tiles are renowned for their strength and durability, and most commonly known for their use in outside steps and garden areas. Today these tiles are under utilized for their versatility and strength. Quarry tiles are still very popular they are perfect for you to use in commercial kitchens areas as they are efficient, hard wearing and cost effective. If you live in a period property then these tiles would be an authentic choice for you, as they create beautiful kitchen floors leaving a warm rustic feel to your home.DORSET

Is there a wide selection available?

At Cosmo tiles we have a range of quarry tiles in various colours for you to choose from, the most popular quarry tile size is the 6×6 inch or 15x15cm red quarry tile as these are most commonly used for steps and doorways. One of our most popular quarry tiles is the Sima Luscio quarry tile.These tiles also come with a rounded edge finish and a double rounded edge to finish off the edge and corners of steps. They also come in blacks, whites, greys and mixed colours with earthy tones.SIMA

Quarry tiles are making a bit of a revival and when used in a black and white checker board it gives you the look of a Victorian floor without the price tag. Quarry tiles also add a rustic look to any kitchen and dining living areas and look great when you use them in your patio and pathways in your garden. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are very versatile for creating your own designs that make your project individual to you.

Is there any special requirements for laying quarry tiles?

Because quarry tiles are heavy and brittle, it is important that they are fitted on a solid level surface. Quarry tiles are traditionally made from natural materials so always follow installation instructions, you may have to seal them in order to make them waterproof and stain proof. They can be laid with general flexible  floor adhesive inside and outside. You may find some tradesman prefer to lay them on a sand and cement mortar bed which gives a more rustic finish to your job.

Cleaning your quarry tiles

In order to keep your quarry tiles looking like new we would recommend you use hagesan golv polish. This will help protect them and give your quarry tiles a nice sheen and the good news is you only have to use it twice a year. If you are looking to purchase quarry tiles and have any questions you can contact us at Cosmo Tiles on Tel 0141 420 1122. Where one of our dedicated members of staff would be more than happy to help you.


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