Add Some sparkle with Ibero Montana

This month we are taking a look at the Ibero Montana range of tiles which have really caught our eye and which are a firm favourite with all Cosmo tiles customers. Ibero Montana offers you an alternative to using a split face mosaic. A spilt face mosaic comes in random small pieces in various depth and lengths that create textured feature walls.

When you use a split face mosaic you may not be able to use it in your bathroom. This is because the texture is so rough you may not be able to grout it and your tiles may not be watertight after fitting. This would lead to water damaging your home.Ibero-Montana-Split-Face-Tile2

Is Ibero Montana the perfect choice for you?

Ibero montana is a ceramic tile with a textured sparkly surface on the front, this tile has the look of a split face mosaic without being restricted for use from any room in your home. People are using these tiles in both their bathrooms, kitchens and even on living room and hall walls. Ibero Montana is so versatile you can even use it on the floor of a domestic bathroom. In the picture to the right we have shown you a feature wall of the Antracita this shows you how good it looks.

Are these tiles better for wall or floor tiling?

The split face makes these tiles visually interesting so they are ideal for adding personality to a wall space and make a great addition to any bathroom wall complementing modern bathroom fittings beautifully. It is also a popular choice to create feature fireplace walls. The commercial applications are also wide and varied as it brings real focus to bar fronts or hotel receptions. Adding a bit of strategically placed lighting will accentuate some of these tiles lovely features even more.

So, who makes these sparkly tiles?

Ibero-Montana-Split-Face-Tile4Ibero  is a Spanish ceramics company that was founded in 1958. The company is well known for its continuous investment in research and development to create innovative products to expand the range.The latest range, Ibero Montana, has a fantastically sparkly finish. If you want to add a bit of glitz to your bathroom then these are the tiles for you! What makes the Ibero Montana different? Ibero’s flair for design has put them at the cutting edge of tile design. This tile range is a great looking split face ceramic tile that positively glitters!

What choice of colours will I have?

You can take a look at both the Ibero Montana Beige Mosaic Effect 19 x 57.1 cm Wall Tile as well as the Ibero Montana Antracita Mosaic Effect 19.1 x 57.1 cm Wall Tile on the cosmo tiles website. You can even order a sample piece using our sample ordering service if you’d like a look at these wonderful tiles before you place an order.


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