Special Signo Soul Offer!

Great offer for this week, we are taking 10% off all our Signo Soul tile range.

signo soul blancoWhere Can I use Signo Soul?

Signo Soul Wall tile is a ceramic tile and can be used on any wall in your home, this range has proved very popular for use in bathrooms with our customers, the wall tile comes in size 25x40cm. With 10% off you really have nothing to loose. Signo soul wall tile comes in three colours Blanco (white), Gris (Grey), Crema (Cream). They look nice and natural once fixed to your wall.

As well as using Signo Soul in a bathroom, it could set off a kitchen splashback offering something neutral and being a larger tile it would help create space in the kitchen.

Signo Soul Crema FloorWhat can I Use On My Floor?

To save you tearing your hair out looking for a floor tile, we can offer you a matching Signo Soul floor tile. Signo Soul floor tiles are made from glazed porcelain and are suitable to use as a matching bathroom floor tile because they are made from porcelain it would also work well on your kitchen floor.This floor tile comes in size 41x41cm and is available in Blanco, Gris, and Crema to match your wall tiles.

What could I Use as a feature?Montana Antracite

Sometimes when you use the same tile on the wall and floor, you need something to break it up. The trend now instead of borders and panels is more about feature walls. Our Montana Tile Range compliments the Signo soul range beautifully.it comes in Grey, Beige, and Mix. So there is a Montana tile to match any colour of the Signo Soul Range.

Tiles have great promotions on our website every week, if Signo Soul is not a range you’re interested in then keep your eyes on our site for a promotion to suit you.


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    The article is perfect for those who are having some troubles with their bathroom renovation. If you are thinking that tiles could not complete your bathroom, then you should think again after reading this post. It will enlighten you on how you can make your bathroom the best with proper tile picking.

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