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Tile Accessories Can Really Give Your Room its Own Identity

Whether you are looking to create a traditional Victorian bathroom or a modern contemporary bathroom, choosing the right tiles and tile accessories will reflect on the finished end result of your room.Apeadero Torello showroom

apeadero biselado showroom displayYou Can use a basic white metro tile pop a ceramic moulded border with this and you have a traditional looking bathroom.The great thing about this is you can achieve the look you want without it costing the earth. At Cosmo Tiles, we have knowledgeable staff available to help you at every stage of your purchase to ensure you get it right. The Cosmo ranges we would suggest for this look would be our Apeadero Biselado Blanco and Nero with our matching Torello Ceramic border pictured above. I hope this has shown you by putting together the tile you like with the correct tile accessories you can interpret the design you like.

Now if you would like to create a spa retreat that you can relax in after a hard day at work, using the correct feature tiles to compliment the plain tile you have chosen will bring your design to life. Our Alp Stone range pictured across looks stunning when used in a bathroom.

Al[p Stone almond 60x60cmIt is very popular to use a textured feature wall tile on one full direction grey wall to add interest to your room.The plain Alp stone tile will create space in the room and your feature tile will bring your room bang up to date with its modern look and textured finish.

It is also worthwhile taking some time to think about tile edge finishes as they can make or break your end result.

Tiles were used as a wall covering to waterproof your room and protect your walls for years. Now Tiles create that modern and contemporary feel to your room, not only in your bathroom in your lounge, kitchen, hallway etc. People have switched on to tiles because of their long lasting hard wearing anti-allergic properties, also because you can completely transform the look of your room in a couple of days.

straight edge trimThe most popular tile trim edges that have been used traditionally is the quarter round in either white, cream and chrome. As your tastes have changed in tiles the tile trim companies have introduced more modern sleek finishes to compliment your tile choices. You Can now get a straight edge right angle tile trim, which we have found to be very popular with both our showroom customers and their tilers. This is available in white or chrome and leaves a nice clean finish.There are so many tile trims to choose from we can’t discuss them all in this blog if you pop into any of our showrooms we would be happy to help you select the correct trim.

If we can help you with a tiling project contact sales@cosmoceramics.co.uk or                                                                          Telephone 0141 420 1122 or 01475 78 78 74


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