Tile Trend Watch 2016/2017

Trend Watch !

Brick Tiles  :

Cifre opal skyeEarlier this year we talked about current trend in tiles ,we told you how popular recer naprec whitebrick tiles have become.Whether the brick tiles are ceramic or porcelain we have something to suit your home, style and design ideas. The great thing about  brick tiles is you have a lot to choose from. We have different sizes of brick tiles for you from 75x150mm , 10x20cm, 10x30cm, we even have 10x60cm we know you won’t be disappointed with the choices available. As well as a mix of different sizes we also have a mix of finishes. We have a standard bevelled gloss metro brick, a lovely satin inverted bevel  Recer Naprec white which you see in the image and the effect which is something quite special on your finished wall. Then we have natural stone look 10x30cm porcelain brick tiles Novabell Milano which come with matching 30x60cm floor tiles. You may also like the 10×30 gloss brick tiles we have in variety of colours like our Cifre Sky Gloss in the image. 

trend tarima roble

Wood Effect Tiles :

Wood Effect tiles are still proving to be as popular a trend as ever as we gallop on through 2016 and who could blame you they are just such a versatile choice.  They look great on your floors and walls and they look so like wood, as you can see in the photo with our Tarima Roble Range except you don’t have to put up with the scratches and dents.We have wood tiles available in ceramic and porcelain and in a variety of sizes of plank. Our latest range is our Bayker Fauborg which is a small plank which is perfect for creating that must have herringbone pattern.

Feature Walls and Neutral Porcelains:

cliff greyFeature walls and neutral porcelains are still flying out the door at ouralp stone almond tiles Cosmo Depot. Like our Bayker Cliff Grey you can see in the image.The reason we have mentioned these two together is because they are so often sold as a pair. You are buying a feature wall tile for one wall in your room with the matching Neutral porcelain like our Alp Stone Almond range on the rest of your walls and floor.


provenzal patternedPredicted Tile Trends 2017 :

In 2017 you will be looking to use Handmade and softer finishes which will create a softer more tactile enviroment to live in, with the soft colours we are seeing with matching decorative patterned tiles to add impact and interest to your room. A perfect Cosmo Tile choice to create this look would be our Pamesa Provenza range with matching Provenzal decor. You will most of all want to create a cosy warm space that you can fully relax in as you shut the busy world you live in out.

Wood tiles will help you achieve this natural warm feeling to your room. Classic marble is set to make a come back, we thought it was something that never really went away when something looks classically beautiful why change it.

Bring On the pattern :

Like 2016 we will see you using patterns with plain simple tiles to bring them to life, the herring bone pattern we have seen re emerge in 2016 at a 45 degree angle will continue to be popular and a 90 degree pattern will emerge which adds a twist to this pattern. Also with many tile options available using plain and decorative floor tiles to create individual patterns to you, or using your decorative tile to create a rug effect on your floor.

Well we hope we have got your creative juices flowing with the endless possibilities you can achieve when tiling.





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  1. Ruby says:

    Brick tiles are so on trend for 2016, very similar to subway tiles!

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