Top Tips When Tiling Your Bathroom

How to achieve the perfect result in tiling your bathroom

SALONIWhen tiling your bathroom there are many things you have to consider, for instance the size and shape of your room and the end result you are looking to achieve, especially as in a bathroom you have to make allowances for the layout of the room and make sure you choose a tile relative to its size

The first thing you have to do is shop for your tiles whether you are looking  for  floor tiles or for wall tiles there is such a wide  choice of tiles out there, from textured, porcelain, ceramic and natural stone, its often difficult to know the right tile to choose, whether to go for a matt tile which can give a sleek minimal and modern effect or a  tile with a high gloss finish which can also reflect the light around the room.

Also another great way to brighten up your room is to add feature walls or mosaic borders giving your room that wow factor

Choosing the right tile adhesive and grout

As well as purchasing your tiles it is really important to make sure you purchase the right tile adhesive and grout to prepare your surface, especially when it comes to laying floor tiles and purchasing a good quality adhesive and grout can make a huge difference to the finished result.

How do you choose the right tiler?

BOHEMIAIf you are looking for a professional tradesman in the tiling industry to install your tiles there are a few things that you can check to make sure you are making the right decision. First go online and see if they have a website, if they don’t it doesn’t mean to say they are not any good and you may want to get some references from previous customers or even inspect some of their previous work before you give them the go ahead.

Also, make sure that when your tiler comes to start your job you have discussed how you would like the tiles fitted landscape or portrait and where you want any features or border tiles to be placed.

Hopefully if you follow all of the above then you should end up with the look and feel you were after, if you have still to purchase your tiles, then at Cosmo Tiles we have a huge range of new tiles arriving daily for you to choose from and we can deliver anywhere in the UK .



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