Underfloor heating for floor tiles

Under floor heat mats are the perfect accompaniment to any tiled floor in your home.

They not only add warmth to your floor tiles but give a luxurious feel to any floor they are used on, no longer will you be reaching for your slippers at the thought of walking on your tiles first thing in the morning. You will be happy living in comfort with a warm floor under your feet. This is a product that you should consider because once the floor tiles are laid you cannot add a heat mat, it has to be part of the initial decision.

How do you get the tiles to heat?DEVI-3

Under floor heating for your floor tiles comes in the form of an electrical matt with a heat cable running through it, this is placed on the floor in your home. The tiler will fit the matt and tiles in place, he will generally lay a self-levelling adhesive over the matt once it is in place this helps to protect the matt when he is putting the adhesive on with his trowel. You will need a qualified electrician to wire your thermostat, once fitted, the thermostat is very easy to operate. At Cosmo Tiles we sell the devi mat and touch controller, which gives  you many options for adjusting the temperature  of your heated floor to come on and off as often as you require it. Underfloor heating is suitable if you are tiling on to plywood or a concrete floor base.

Is it instant heat for your floor?

Underfloor heating is a great product when the floor is first laid you have to leave it for two weeks, this is to allow all the levelling products, adhesives, and grouts to dry out and cure properly. After the two weeks, you turn the heat up gradually day by day until you reach the maximum heat required for your home. Once these steps have been carried out your floor will provide you with heat and comfort for many years.A005058_T

Is underfloor heating expensive to run?

The good news for you is that underfloor heating is not an expensive thing to use. It provides you with comforting warm tiles without hitting you too hard in the pocket. So to conclude if you are thinking of tiling a floor in your home then firstly click the link to look at our full range of  floor tiles. Before you start on a tiling project think, it’s not just about buying tiles and sticking them to your floor, there are other things to consider which will make the end result so much more enjoyable.


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  1. Steven Barr says:

    I have used the devi matt from cosmos numerous times. The quality of the devi matt and controller is the best I have seen on the market. Cosmos offer this set at a great price and more Importantly (as always) their customer service is second to none. I cant recommend this kit enough! A+

  2. admin says:

    Thanks so much for your positive comments hope business is going well for you have a merry christmas and a happy new year.

  3. Emily says:

    Interesting read. Underfloor heating doesn’t have to be out of budget, and helps spread heat effectively throughout a room.

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