Geotiles flow versatile Victorian floor tiles.

What are the current trends in Victorian tiling ideas?

Victorian floor tiles are still a very popular choice for your home, sometimes these tiles can be expensive to buy. Our Geotiles Flow could be the perfect choice for you to achieve a Victorian look . Generally when you purchase Victorian floor tiles they come in very small pieces, and have to be laid by your fitter dry first so he can see how the pattern will fit in your space, then lifted and laid with adhesive. Victorian Encaustic tiles have to be sealed to stain proof them, we recommend you follow a maintenance programme painting a liquid sealer on to them once or twice a year to ensure that they remain sealed and stain proof.


Are Geotiles Flow the best tiles for modern or traditional floors?

The perfect solution could be our Geotiles Flow, which comes in a 60×60 square glazed ceramic tile available in a blue grey colour with four different faces, giving you the opportunity to create your own interesting and varied patterns. It is becoming increasingly popular when you have large open plan living spaces, using a tile like this for zoning areas dinning, living etc. As well as enhancing domestic living spaces it is becoming increasingly popular in fashionable shops, cafes and other commercial settings you may have. It works equally well if you have a modern or traditional property whether you want to recreate a period encaustic floor or create an eye catching feature in a contemporary space.


Where in the world would I find Geotiles?

Geotiles is an award-winning Spanish ceramics company, that has built an enviable reputation by offering an extensive range of high quality products for your home, taking in a mix of traditional and modern tile designs with stylish tiles like these you can see why. With Cosmo tiles focus on quality and design this product is becoming increasingly popular with our customers for their homes.

You can buy tiles online at the Cosmo Tiles  Website including these beautifully elegant encaustic look. To see the full range of Geotiles on offer Click Here




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