Wet Room the right choice for your home?

Before you venture on a new bathroom project, there are some things that are worth considering. Are you going to renovate your bathroom by renewing your existing bathroom sanitary ware and adding new tiles ? Or are you going to create a sanctuary spa retreat, that you will enjoy bathing in for many years to come ?

What is the difference between a bathroom renovation and a wet room?

When you carry out a general bathroom renovation, you replace your existing sanitary ware with new more modern ones, choosing nice taps to compliment the bathroom furniture you have chosen. However, when you decide to put a wet room in, your greatest desire is to have a walk in shower room with no visible tray, all in one level that is tiled from top to bottom and has the look and feel of a luxury spa.wesi fancy shower

How do I achieve this in my home?

At Cosmo Tiles all our staff can give you the best advice on this matter, the product we stock and supply for this purpose is the Wedi system which is good quality. This system consists of a waterproof tray that is fitted underneath your existing floorboards it is then taped at the joints where the walls meet the floor to ensure a water tight seal. As well as the wedi shower tray, we also stock the Wedi tile backer boards, you can use them to line your whole room instead of using gyprock. It not only ensures your room is well insulated and water tight, it also allows you to increase the weight of tiles you can put on your wall quite considerably.Riolito-Shower-Pan-1

There are many aesthetic things to consider, as there are different choices of drain you can use with the Wedi system .You can have a drain which sits in either the centre or corner of your tray, or you can have a linear drain which disappears into your wall and has a very discreet appearance in your room.The wedi system is so versatile you can create your own bespoke pieces for your bathroom, custom made shelves, basins, baths etc, . the possibilities are endless. If you are interested in using a Wedi  System call our staff for advice on Tel 0141 420 1122.

What about tiles?

Alfalux-Stone-Prints-Grigio-30x30cm-Sheet-of-Mosaic-5x5-_LAt Cosmo tiles we have an excellent selection of bathroom tiles for you to use in your wet room, we have a wide selection of tiles that come with matching mosaics suitable for use on a wet room shower floor. Most of the ranges that come with matching mosaics are porcelain tiles making them suitable for both the walls and the floors in your home. Two ranges that I would recommend you look at, would be our Novabell Milano range it is a lovely natural procelain tile range that comes with matching mosaics.The plain tiles in this range come in 10x30cm, 30x60cm and in 30x30cm mosaic sheets. The second range I would recommend would be Alfalux stone prints  this comes in a slightly textured porcelain and this range offers you a matching mosaic tile, the plain tile comes in 30x60cm with the matching mosaic sheet coming in 30x30cm. If you are going to install a wet room in your home and have any specific requirements i.e. you may require a tile with a good anti slip finish, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for assistance as they would be more than happy to help.




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