What is a Tanking System?

A tanking system is a waterproof kit that comes ready to use on any wall or floor in your home were it may be subject to water damage behind or underneath your tiles. It is most commonly used when you are going to install a wet room and need to make sure your shower area is water tight.

What does the kit consist of?Bal-Wp1-Shower-Kit-5-Kg_L

The kit comes with a tub of the waterproof paint, and also with tape that you use at any joins where the floor meets the wall or any corners in the wall. Also included is a mat that you use in your shower floor area. This is available in a shower kit which comes with the mat and tape included or you can buy an 8kg tub which works out slightly cheaper if you just need a little extra paint to finish off your shower area.

Where and why would I use a tanking system?

A tanking system is used to waterproof the walls and floor in your shower where you are fitting tiles to ensure that no water or condensation pentrates through your grout. Because the paint is made of a rubber like substance it completely waterproofs your shower area. It is advised now by most house insurance companies if you are installing a new bathroom you should apply a tanking system. It gives your new bathroom a real assurance that it will stay looking good for a long time as a lot of failures occur when water damages the wall behind the tiles.

Could I do this myself?Bal-Wp1-Coating-8kg_L

A tanking system is an easy thing to do yourself. You will need to get yourself a good paint brush or roller and a nice clean cloth to wash any excess off. Firstly you have to apply one even liberal coat with either vertical or horizontal brush strokes, then you have to apply the tape to any joins where the wall meets the floor or at any corners in your shower area. You should have enough paint on the walls for the tape to adhere quite easily.  Follow the recommended drying time before you apply the second coat, you then place the mat on your shower floor area, and apply the second coat and you use the opposite brush strokes to what you did with your first coat. So if your first coat went on with vertical brush strokes  your second coat would be painted on with horizontal brush strokes, and make sure you apply the paint over the mat you have laid on your shower floor.You need to make sure every bit of your wall/floor has been covered with the tanking paint in order for its protection to be effective.

Once your second coat of tanking paint has dried which will take 24 hours and you are happy that the whole area has been covered evenly you are ready to tile.

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