Why Tiles ?

What is so good about tiles?

Why Tiles ? . Tiles are a great material to use in your home when you tile a floor you turn an ordinary home into a Luxury Contemporary living space, this offers you a light and airy space to live in. Tiles are hard wearing and last for many years, unlike carpets.They are great when someone has allergies because they don’t collect dust and are easily maintained and kept clean.Tiles are relatively inexpensive if you look at price per Sq metre and how long they are going to last in your home. Tiles give a real luxury appeal to any floor or wall space they are used on, that is, of course, assuming they are Cosmo Tiles.

fauborg dark grey top tipsWhere can you tile? Pamesa Provenza Nero

Traditionally people have thought of tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor steps only, but tiles have moved on so much further than that now.The way you now use tiles in your home is very different, you now have feature walls in your lounge and dining rooms. It is now a very common thing for you to tile large living and dining room floors. A perfect tile for this could be our Pamesa Provenza nero large format tile in 75x75cm.  Instead of the traditional cosy carpeted and curtained rooms you were brought up in, you now want open clean uncluttered spaces to live and chill out in. Tiles offer a great choice for this purpose depending on the look you want to create. Even if you are looking to create a softly furnished wood floor, we have several tile choices to offer you. Our Pamesa Bosque and Bayker Timber and Fauborg ranges would give you a floor that looked like wood but did not scratch and dent like wood because the tiles would be very hard wearing.You can tile just about anywhere in your home you just need to get the right help and advice for the job to go without a hitch. Cosmo Tiles have a friendly well-informed staff to help you with any project and help you with any technical queries you may have.

Cliff GreyTiles For Indoor Outdoor.

You can create a lovely modern living space in your home/garden by using one of our porcelain feature tiles in your lounge wall and also a garden wall. This can create a really good natural organic feel to the lounge and garden as the tile looks like natural stone, you have at the end of the project a nice space to relax in that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. Our Bayker Cliff could be perfect to create your feature wall it has everything we have described the nice natural stone look, It is available in nice soft Grey , Black and White.




Padana Slate BlackOur Padana slate tile would look great on your steps and maybe a feature wall, the black  or the grey would be nice and modern looking.Teamed with nice bright coloured garden tableware in fuchsia or lime green and you could have a winning formula. There are so many options for you, you can use the same tile on your kitchen floor as you do on your patio.Tiling really is very versatile and offers you a hygienic long lasting surface for many years.

If Cosmo tiles can assist you contact one of our showrooms in Glasgow Tel 0141 420 1122 or Greenock Tel 01475787874 or sales@cosmoceramics.co.uk.


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  1. Tabitha says:

    Like you say, the use of tiling has definitely moved on since the days of kitchen and bathroom exclusivity! It’s exciting to see more uses for this extremely versatile flooring material!

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