Ceramic Wall tiles

Ceramic wall tiles

At Cosmo tiles we have a vast range of ceramic tiles to offer you. Ceramic wall tiles are made from clay they have a clay back with a glazed front, this makes them straight forward to cut and drill and is why they are most commonly used.

Where can I use ceramic tiles?

Ceramic tiles are most suitable for use in your bathroom walls and floors and your kitchen walls. Ceramic tiles are usually produced in a rectangular wall tile with a matching square floor tile, although you don't always get a floor tile to match. Ceramic wall tiles are not strong enough for use on your floor and you must ensure that your tile is suited to the floor. You will find we have a range of ceramic tiles in different sizes, shapes, colours and textures and I am sure you will find something you like. 

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Choosing the correct wall tiles to set the mood in your room is important and this is where Cosmo Tiles here in Glasgow and Greenock can help. We have a huge range of different wall tile material finishes and decorative styles that you can choose from, and you may be looking for your wall tile to compliment a floor tile.

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