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Ceramic Floor Tiles

Ceramic Floor tiles from Cosmo

At Cosmo tiles we have a vast range of ceramic floor tiles to offer you. Ceramic tiles are made of natural clay minerals mixed together, glazed on one side, and then fired under extreme heat to create a strong, resilient material.

Where can I use ceramic floor tiles?

Ceramic floor tiles are most suitable for use in your bathroom floors and your kitchen floors but not in high traffic areas such as hallways. For exterior areas and high traffic areas, we recommend that you use a porcelain floor tile.

Ceramic tiles are usually produced in a rectangular wall tile with a matching square floor tile, although you don't always get a floor tile to match. Ceramic wall tiles are not strong enough for use on your floor. You will find we have a range of ceramic tiles in different sizes, shapes, colours and textures and I am sure you will find something you like. 

How do I fix ceramic tiles to my wall and floors?

What do I use to fix my ceramic floor tiles to my floor?

When you are fixing ceramic floor tiles you have to use a cement based adhesive which you mix with water. If you are laying your tiles onto a plywood base then you will also need to use a flexible adhesive to allow for any movement in the plywood. We stock a large range of adhesives.

Cosmo tiles not only has extensive ranges of ceramic tiles, we also sell porcelain tiles natural stone, mosaic etc.  




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