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Floor Tiles from Cosmo Tiles in Glasgow

Are you looking for floor tiling ideas or are you having difficulty choosing what type of floor tile you want for your home?

More than likely you have possibly been on the trail for days now, maybe even weeks, looking for your ideal floor tiles. Surfing the Internet flicking through catalogues, trying to find tiles that will have all your neighbours, family and friends envious of your floor. The task may also include looking for a wall tile to compliment the floor tiles you have in mind.

Looking for your floor tiles to be stylish, trendy, affordable, or just simply stunning? Perhaps you sum up the flooring needs for your room in one word - quality.

Quality Floor Tiles Showroom Glasgow and Greenock

At Cosmo Tiles you can surf around our website or why not visit our tile showrooms in either Glasgow or Greenock Here you will find a range of quality floor tiles in all shapes, sizes, materials, colours and budgets, but most importantly the quality will make a great impression on the guests who visit your home. 

What type of floor tile are you looking for?

Our knowledgeable staff will advise you on important factors to consider such as slip resistance, surface hardness, material choice, what preparation may be required to ensure your existing floor will be ready for tiling, and ongoing maintenance.

But your ideal choice of colour, size and texture are always the most important considerations.  We’ll guide you through a huge selection of floor tiles including ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, polished surfaces, like our Glazed Floor Tiles, slate surfaces, quarry tiles, and step tread tiles.  And all the time ensuring that you choose the correct tiles for your application, whatever your taste.

If you want to make sure you choose the right tiles, then choose Cosmo Tiles and you will end up the same as our other customers, comfortable with your decision and delighted with the quality of floor tiles we help you choose.

Or maybe you are thinking about laying external tiles in your garden, to read more about this see our recent blog post on this; External Tiles For Your Home


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