Gloss Wall Tiles

Gloss Wall Tiles from Cosmo Tiles

Why not liven things up in your home by adding some shimmer and shine!

We have a great selection of Gloss Tiles to choose from - for both walls and floors settings. Our Cifre Opal Turquoise Gloss Wall Tile is a great example. Whereas a matt finish is great for creating a soft and subtle background, a gloss finish captivates a room, by reflecting the light and drawing the eye.

Light reflecting gloss tiles

Gloss tiles are shiny, light reflecting tiles you’d typically expect to find in smaller bathrooms. The reflection of these tiles opens up small spaces and allows limited light to bounce back and forth around the room.

At Cosmo tiles have all the tiles you need to find the right style for your home.
Our selection of gloss and matt tiles are suitable for both wall and floor giving you the option to create your perfect bathroom you desire.



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