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Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles For Walls And Floors

Kitchen wall tiles and floor tiles provide your home with a practical, functional and stylish decor in any room of the house where easy-to-clean decorations and furnishing are a must. So whether you are creating a feature splashback or adding a simple border, there is something for everyone in Cosmo Tiles.

Why not take a look at our huge range of kitchen tiles for walls and floors.

 Create the style you want in your kitchen with our beautiful collections of tiles for walls and floor, from our simply elegant tiles to the more colourful patterns.

Cook up a new look in your kitchen this season by introducing some trendy tiles. There are hundreds of stylish tiles to choose from. Piece together a striking split face tile display with our Cliff Range above the kitchen counter, create an eye-catching splashback behind the hob with our new Bayker Stile Collection which comes in 10x30cm and in 3 colours white, grey, black, and add a spectacular new wood effect floor tiles.

Need Some Help?

First time tiling the Kitchen, or simply want a little bit of help and advice then give us a call and our professional and knowledgeable staff will help you every step of the way.

Come into one of our Tile showrooms and delight yourself in our vast selection of wall and floor tiles for your bathroom Our Staff will take you through the process of tilling and preparing and waterproofing the surfaces, through to applying the adhesive, grouting and silicone sealant!

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