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Lounge Tiles

Lounge Tiles

The floor in your home has to put up with a lot, whether in the kitchen, hallway, entrance, conservatory or lounge. We have an extensive and stylish range of floor tiles that you can rely on.

Wall and Floor Tiles

We have various matt and polished porcelain and ceramic tiles, suitable for wall and floors in stock. One of our popular range is Pamesa Provenza with its matching patterned tile. These large format hard wearing tiles are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and any living areas in your home. See our fantastic range of Porcelain Tiles, for walls and floors in matt and gloss.

Luxurious polished porcelain tile for your home

Create your dream look with our ranges of polished porcelain tiles. Available in a range of colours, sizes and styles to suit your home. One of our range the Duomo black and white polished floor tiles comes in two sizes is fantastic to use to open up your living spaces, this due to the beautiful mirror-like gloss finish.

Why choose matt  tiles

Because of their simple design, our plain coloured matt tiles for walls and floors can be used to create endless styles such as contemporary, classic, traditional and vogue. Designers can use single colours, or a mixture of colours and sizes, to create a wide range of intricate designs. You can add contrast and colour by adding a contemporary or classic mosaics and make it into a border from our large mosaic range collection to that give plain tiles a completely different feel.
Gloss and Matt
In case you don’t know the difference between matt and gloss, gloss tiles have a reflective surface, whilst matt tiles don’t; they have a solid, sheenless look. Therefore, gloss and matt tiles offer very different effects when in place on a wall or floor. Matt tiles are more about creating a subtle, soft backdrop, whilst gloss tiles are more about creating an eye-catching, room-stealing finish. Having said that, the two finishes can be used together to create an effective contrast.

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