• Popular Floor tiles

Popular Floor tiles

Tiles for Floors in Ceramic and Porcelain 

Floor tiles can be incorporated into many different rooms in your home. From your kitchen to your bathroom, tiles are a versatile floor covering that comes in a range of designs to suit every taste.

The widest range of tile colours and finishes

You can have any and every colour and design. Whether you want a light, airy subtle look or a bold, bright and funky theme, you'll find patterns, shades and sizes to cater to your every need. Maybe it's a classic black and white look you're after? Don't be afraid to experiment with using different coloured tiles and make a mosaic effect for one of your floors. Not just for bathrooms and kitchens, have you thought about trying tiles in the living room or lounge?

How to create a flowing floor space

A stylish trend is casting aside those different floor areas. You know the ones; laminate in one room, vinyl in another, carpet in another. Rip them all out, and have one singular floor covering run throughout your home. Tiles are perfect for achieving this effect. Maybe you're looking for floor designs for entryways, a hallway or even an outdoor pathway?
If you want to tile your bathroom, you'll find a huge selection to choose from, allowing you to incorporate the tiles into a number of different themes. You can easily have the tiling continue from the floors to the walls, blending seamlessly to create a slick, chic design.

Quick and easy floor tiling

Tiling is a very easy process if done correctly so be sure to take your time to get it right. Stock up on the right adhesive, spacers and grout to make sure you position the tiles correctly on the floor. Your grout will help to seal the tiles together and provide a watertight surface suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and any other room that takes your fancy.

Cleaning and Maintenance

For easy cleaning and durability, floor tiles are a convenient alternative to carpet, particularly if you have small children that are likely to spill. They will make it easy for cleaning up any mess and also give you a strong, long-lasting surface that can withstand a fair amount of everyday use.

Quality Tiles For Walls And Floors Showroom in Glasgow and Greenock

At Cosmo Tiles you can surf around our website or why not visit our tile showrooms in either Glasgow and Greenock. Here you will find a range of quality floor tiles in all shapes, sizes, materials, colours and budgets, but most importantly the quality will make a great impression on the guests who visit your home.

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