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Are you looking for Wall Tiles?

If you are looking for wall tiles Cosmo tiles have an extensive great value range to offer you. Whether you are looking for Bathroom Wall Tiles or Kitchen Wall tiles we know you will be delighted with our great ranges.Ceramic kitchen tiles are very popular for walls because they are easy to install and maintain. Porcelain floor tiles are recommended for kitchen floors as they are robust and hard wearing and will last for many years.  

You may choose to visit one of our showrooms in Glasgow or Greenock or browse online.You are guaranteed that Cosmo Tiles has a great choice of wall tiles made from lots of different tile materials. Which are mentioned below:

Kitchen Wall Tiles and Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas

When you choose a wall tile we want to give you ideas on what would be the best layout etc, this will help take the stress out of choosing your tiles.We can also advise on the correct material to use which is important in bathrooms and kitchens where your walls are under continuous strain from changes in moisture and temperature, from power showers to vibration from appliances such as washing machines. If you are thinking of installing a tile in your bathroom, you might be interested in reading our latest article about applying a tanking system. 

Come to Scotland's Most Visited Tile Showroom

People from all over Scotland come to buy wall tiles from Cosmo Tiles, Often returning, again and again.They know when they buy our wall tiles that they will be long lasting and won't need a lot of maintenance.

Visit Our Wall Tile and Floor Tiles Showrooms and Be Inspired

Choosing the right wall tiles to achieve the desired look you want in your room is essential.This is where Cosmo Tiles here in Glasgow and Greenock can help. We have a huge range of different wall tile material finishes and decorative styles that you can choose from. You may also be looking for a floor tile to compliment your chosen wall tile.

Finishes and styles are influenced by fashion, and we aim to choose the very latest for you from the trendsetting factories across Europe.

When you visit our showroom for wall tiles, there will be someone available to assist you.This will help take the stress out of the selection process and allow you to get creative, and find a tile just right for your project. At the moment it is very fashionable to create a feature wall in the room you are tiling, we have several feature wall tiles to offer you. We can help you choose wall tiles and also find a floor tile in either ceramic or porcelain to complement them. 

Contact us today or visit our Glasgow or Greenock tile showrooms and see how wall tiles are easily configured to create your own personal design.

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